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CinAmuse Review: Is It A Scam? Is It Safe? 

CinAmuse Review: Is It A Scam? Is It Safe?

CinAmuse is an online movie streaming site offering unlimited browser-based movie streaming in HD, with the promise of a very large library of films in ultra HD to HD quality. The site often uses ads promising blockbusters and often with posters from the latest releases and offers a 7 day free trial or simply says that it’s free. If you’re considering signing up, there is a lot you should know to protect yourself and your credit card data.

Is CinAmuse a Scam?

Yes. CinAmuse links to and shares pirated film content. It is not a legitimate website and all content on the site is pirated. In addition, the site will charge you $34.95 per month (every month) after your initial free period trial of 7 days. That is exorbitantly expensive for any movie streaming site (you could have Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix for less). In addition, it’s unlikely you will be able to get your money back after signing up, simply because most banks won’t help you when the payment is obviously to something that is illegal. Unless your bank believes you were unaware CinAmuse doesn’t license its content, they aren’t obligated to refund your money for the scam.

If you signed up and are making monthly payments, you can block the payment or cancel your card depending on what your bank advises.

Because many users have a history of having unauthorizes charges made to debit and credit cards, even after cancelling the payment, our advice is that if you have signed up for CinAmuse, you should simply cancel your card and request a new one from the bank.

Is CinAmuse Safe?

While CinAmuse is a scam site, it does have movies available to stream and in HD. We detected no virus or malware presence. However, it’s unclear if CinAmuse uploads their own content directly or if they link to it on other sites across the web. There’s no evidence that you put your computer or device at risk by using the site, just your credit card.

You may also eventually face litigation. However, because CinAmuse charges users, that’s unlikely.

Sites like CinAmuse prey off of unsuspecting users who typically just want to find a way to watch a recent movie or blockbuster online. If you’re willing to pay, you likely think the site is legit and you can use it to stream movies online in HD. Unfortunately, unless the site is directly owned by the publisher (Starz, Disney etc.), you will never see new releases online. Most blockbusters are released in theaters first, then on BluRay/4k, and then potentially on streaming sites once their hardcopy sales has played out as much as possible. It’s extremely unlikely that you will find them online.

While there are many premium movie streaming sites that are safe and legit, CinAmuse is not one of them. It will charge your card $34.99 per month and you will receive additional unauthorized charges. If you’ve already signed up, cancel your card as quickly as possible because it is unlikely your bank will help you get the money bank.