CleanMyMac X Review

CleanMyMac X is a utility for cleaning your Mac. With a range of new features to maintain your Mac, and MacPaw designed this Mac cleaner to enhance iOS and improve the performance of your entire system.

In our roundup of the best Mac cleaners, MacPaw’s CleanMyMac has always been our top recommendation. With this new version, we’ll see if this utility is still the best for cleaning your Mac.

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What Does CleanMyMac X Do?

CleanMyMac X does hard drive management, erases web browsing history and cookies, cleans up unused applications, and shredder files for quick and permanent deletion, make taking care of your Mac easy.

Monitoring Performance

Monitoring the performance of your Mac is important because there is a tendency for modern apps to leave temporary data scattered everywhere on your computer, and much of it can hold personal information. With CleanMyMac X, files are removed when they are no longer needed instead of hanging around for years.

Clean Mac iOS Interface

It will perform a check while running in the background so unnecessary files containing personal info are never left lying around.

We’ll also learn about how to access several privacy related functions below.

Smart Scan

Smart Scan checks your computer to find all of the possible issues and correct them as easily as possible.

Over the long term, this is the feature you would like to use the most often because it allows you to optimize resource usage with minimal effort.

Malware Detection screenshot

Large & Old Utility

The Large & Old module in CleanMyMac X finds the largest and most rarely accessed files on your Mac. In these days of multi-Terabyte hard drives it’s easy to download something into a random directory and end up forgetting about it. Sometimes you remember that you have the files, somewhere, but just can’t recall where you stuck them.

This utility will list your largest files, which represent your biggest gains when trying to free up space. It will also list files that have not been accessed in months or years. Sometimes these old files can be trashed and free up room, but many times you will found valuable files that you either forgot you had or had simply lost.

Maintenance to Optimize Storage

Part of Mac maintenance is storage space optimization. MacPaw’s design helps you find and remove specific file types that are wasting space as it scans everything, getting rid of trash which usually goes unnoticed.

  • System – Tools easily handle the removal of binaries, language packs, as well as temporary cache files to recover disk space on your machine. This makes it easy to recover more room than would be expected.
  • Photos – Anyone who uses their Mac’s photo library will have junk accumulating, which can be considerable. Quickly work through feature settings to delete items which don’t effect anything in the picture service, including cached thumbnails.
  • Mail Attachments – If you are using the program Outlook, your computer will constantly get attachments in messages like images, company logos, documents, etc.
  • iTunes – Broken downloads, phone backups, updates, etc. are all stored automatically. Each version is responsible for a ridiculous amount on your hard drive. You will be shown a list of these to help you decide what to do.
  • Trash Bins – Most people are unaware that Macs actually maintain multiple bins for different drives. Clean My Mac now empties everything iOS scatters around all at the same time.
  • Large & Old Files – The older your MacBook Pro is, the more likely you have old and forgotten files. The largest and oldest is scanned to recover lost gigabytes.


The CleanMyMac X app has a robust set of new utilities to let you manage programs, cookie policies, add-ons, and learn more about your Mac.

These tools are laid out in a user-friendly and intuitive way, making them easy to use while not losing the power and functionality you would expect from a good Mac app.

SetApp App upgrade and deleting
  • Malware Detection – CleanMyMac X can now be used to detect and clean up malware hidden inside your apps.
  • Uninstaller – A management interface to remove an installed app in one click, integrated into SetApp. This version of MacPaw’s product will find folders, permissions, and registry entries simple manual deletion or an automated uninstall does not clear.
  • Maintenance – Scan for errors and resolve any that are found. The menu includes checking Disk Utility functions, application errors, and will run a check for issues with indexes.
  • Privacy – Cookies, contact lists, as well as other items accumulate over time, and can take a lot of space. Most users end up storing a lot of things they never use and won’t ever need again. Security is improved when you cleanup browser cookie info, forms, and other digital information. It even removes tracking logs left over after Messenger or Skype chats, which is good.
  • Extensions – Browsers add-ons, widgets, dictionaries, login items, etc., gradually slow computers down. It offers wizards to help manage and improve startup speed, increase available storage, and also reduce memory (RAM) and CPU usage.
  • Shredder – Everyone has sensitive things they don’t want falling into the wrong hands, for whatever reasons. These are permanently deleted and will not be able to be recovered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CleanMyMac X Safe?

Yes, CleanMyMac X is safe for your Mac. It is a popular and well respected cleaner with a long history of running well on all versions of MacOS.

Does It Delete Photos?

CleanMyMac will not delete photos, but it will remove unnecessary files associated with Mac’s picture service.

Is It Free?

CleanMyMac X has a free trial period, but after the trial period is over a license must be purchased.

Is It Dangerous To Use?

CleanMyMac is not dangerous. The app has a long history with many thousands of users. It is also designed so it is difficult for a less tech savvy user to change something critical or do real damage to the operating system.

Do I need antivirus for Mac also?

You always need to have good antivirus software installed on your system. We recommend Norton 360 Deluxe as a iOS antivirus solution.

Bottom Line – It’s The Little Things

There are a lot of small, but well thought out, details which set it apart from any other app. System health and tuning can be handled automatically, and it’s one of those quiet but powerful things making the everyday use of my Mac just a little bit faster and more pleasant.

Free MacPaw Utility

It’s easy to notice how much it has been doing when you are on the big flashy screens saying how you recovered 5 GB or 10% of your computer’s available memory. Never having it collect in the first place is far better.


  • Made by one of the most trusted makers of iOS focused products
  • Long history of good reviews
  • Better features than any other cleaner
  • Safe!


  • The Price


For many people who purchase CleanMyMac X, usability is just as important as being thorough. CleanMyMac X keeps a consistent and clear user interface while not compromising on features.

CleanMyMac always did a good job recovering wasted space, freeing up resources, and removing the massive amounts of unused junk that every modern app seems to leave littering your desktop, and MacPaw seems to have improved on that with this new version.

One of the best examples of this is when it scrubs iTunes. Before this review, I had no idea that it left so much data scattered all over my Macbook. Before this turns in to a rant about that, the reason that made an impression on me is that it demonstrates the level of thought put into the software. It is thorough.

CleanMyMac X has a great price anyway, but you can try a free download to see if it is right for you.