HTS Spyware Scanner

HTS Spyware Scanner is a cutting-edge application designed to detect and remove spy apps from your iPhone or Android device. Our advanced technology scans your device's data, creating a secure backup on your computer while thoroughly examining the files for signatures associated with cell phone spy apps.

Version: 0.8 Alpha
Release Date: September 28, 2023


  • Comprehensive Protection: HTS Spyware Scanner dives deep into your device's data to detect any hidden spy apps that may compromise your privacy. It leaves no stone unturned in our search for potential threats.
  • Easy to Use: Not everyone is a tech expert. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple for anyone to scan their device for spy apps and take action if a threat is detected.
  • Compatibility: Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, HTS Spyware Scanner works seamlessly across both platforms. Rest assured that our app is compatible with your smartphone.
  • Data Backup: Alongside spyware detection, HTS Spyware Scanner offers the convenience of backing up your device's data to your computer. Never worry about losing important files or information again.
  • Informative Alerts: If a potential spy app is identified during the scan, HTS Spyware Scanner immediately notifies you, allowing you to take the necessary steps to protect your privacy.

Don't leave your personal information and privacy at risk. Take control of your device's security by downloading HTS Spyware Scanner and ensure that your phone remains a safe and private space.

Experience the power of HTS Spyware Scanner. Detect, remove, and protect against spy apps with ease.

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The High Tech Society 2024 Cybersecurity Conference

Join us at the annual High Tech Society cybersecurity conference at the The Westin Galleria in Houston, Texas on July 24, 2024. Speakers will include Katya Seryabkina, Ray Richmond, Steven Mitnick, and James Swanson. This year's topics will include:

  • Cell Phone Security - Vulnerabilities and methods to mitigate them on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Mobile Device Tracking - Deep-dive into the technology behind GPS tracking, the legality of it.
  • Innovative Surveillance Methods - Emerging methods and technologies in surveillance, such as exploit kits, browser fingerprinting, and acoustic fingerprinting.
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Security - The risks associated with IoT devices and how mobile devices interact with them.
  • 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) - Circumvention of 2FA by compromising trusted devices.
  • Forensic Analysis - New methods for investigating mobile security breaches and recovering data after an incident.

Contact Katrina O'Reilly for vendor and venue information.

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