CCleaner Comparison – CCleaner Free vs CCleaner Pro vs CCleaner Cloud

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CCleaner Comparison – CCleaner Free vs CCleaner Pro vs CCleaner Cloud

CCleaner Comparison – CCleaner Free vs CCleaner Pro vs CCleaner Cloud

CCleaner is a free to premium computer cleaner available for Windows, Mac, and Android. The program includes computer cleaning tools to remove files that you don’t use, to clear cookies and browser details, to clear the computer registry, to help you find duplicate files, and much more.

However, Piriform, the company behind CCleaner now offers multiple versions and for Windows, you must choose between CCleaner, CCleaner Professional, and CCleaner Cloud. Each of these options has its own advantages, and you can benefit from them depending on your goals for the computer or device. In this article, we will cover each of the available options and help you to make the right choice for your computer.

CCleaner Free

CCleaner Free is an extremely versatile program that you can install in a standard or portable (onto a USB stick) version to access and clean as many computers as you want. The download is free and you can install it on any Windows, Mac, or Android device without havin to create an account to access the features.

CCleaner Free is the first version of CCleaner, and despire Piriform adding on premium options remains one of their most downloaded programs and one of the most widely used Windows and Mac cleaners on the web. This is for good reason as the no-frills cleaner allows you to easily strip non-essential files and junk files with the click of a button.

Basic features include:

Cleaner – Remove cookies, system files, registry, internet cache, browser cache, unnecessary language files

Application Manager – Manage and remove programs installed on computer

Startup Manager – Manage programs that launch during startup to improve startup speed

Volume Eraser – Write over unused space on your computer to prevent the recovery of those files.

Management – Set exceptions, choose which cookies to keep, choose what to include or exclude from removal.

This basic tool is more than enough for most users who want to install a cleaner and access it from their computer to regularly clean junk files from their computer. If you don’t know which option to choose, this is also an excellent option that works for almost everyone.

CCleaner Professional

CCleaner Professional is a premium version of CCleaner which you can purchase for $19.95 for a permanent lifetime license. This option includes everything that CCleaner Free includes plus additional features including scheduling, real time monitoring, automatic updates, and premium support.

Scheduling – Schedule when you want to clean your computer and CCleaner will automatically do it on that date for you. This is a great function if you frequently forget to clean your computer and mostly just want something that will take care of your computer for you.

Real Time Monitoring – Real Time Monitoring logs issues and cookies on your computer and automatically activates CCleaner when those items become a problem or slow your computer down. Again, this is most ideal for users who don’t really want to have to do anything to keep their computer in good condition.

Support – For $19.95 you can access customer service in case something goes wrong, or to help you with setup, etc.

In short, CCleaner Pro is mostly ideal for users who are less tech savvy or for those who want something that generally just handles itself. For $19.99 you won’t ever have to worry about opening CCleaner to fix your computer again, which can save you a considerable amount of time over a few years.

CCleaner Cloud

CCleaner Cloud is the latest Windows and Mac cleaner from Piriform, a web solutions company specializing in both free and premium software. CCleaner Cloud brings Piriform’s famous CCleaner and CCleaner professional to the cloud, where home and business users can use it to clean any device right from a browser window. CCleaner Cloud allows you to install the program onto your computer and then access and monitor the computer from anywhere. This program is ideal if you have multiple devices and want to clean them up all at once, or if you are the primary technical person in a household with multiple devices and are frequently asked to fix other’s computers.

CCleaner Cloud Free – CCleaner Cloud Free is a great tool that you can use to access up to three devices from one account to clean and defrag them from a browser. This is really great for Android devices, Windows phones and tablets, which have very limited storage space. When CCleaner integrates Mac, it’s also ideal for users who have the MacBook Air, which also has limited on-computer resources. The free CCleaner Cloud supports up to 3 devices, allows you to clean up to 100 events per day, and maintains device history for 2 months.

CCleaner Cloud Pro – CCleaner Cloud Pro costs $5 per month, allows you to manage and clean up to 10 computers from a single account, and offers additional features including scheduling, two-factor authentication, unlimited cleaning, priority support, and 1-year event history.

  • Scheduling – Schedule cleaning or defrag for up to 10 computers.
  • Two-Factor Authentication – Prevent unauthorized access with two-factor authentication for password logins.
  • 1 Year Event History – Manage and restore computers more easily with a longer event history.
  • Unlimited Cleaning – Clean heavy-use computers and/or clean more computers than one per day.

CCleaner Cloud Pro is ideal if you have multiple computers or multiple household computers, want additional security, and want the scheduling benefits of CCleaner Pro without having to purchase that many individual licenses. However, at $5 per month, the cost of CCleaner Cloud Pro will add up quickly if you aren’t maximizing its value by using it everywhere.



For most users, CCleaner Free is the easy option to choose. However, if you want additional security and scheduling, CCleaner Pro is a great alternative. The new CCleaner Cloud option also makes it easy to manage multiple devices from one location, which is great if you’re maintaining your family computers or just own a lot of devices.

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