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CleanMyPC is a well known Windows cleaner from MacPaw. The software is often referred to as a Windows registry cleaner, but it is actually more of a full-featured system cleaner and privacy tool.

The breadcrumbs of data that get left on your computer during normal operation can be controlled, and cleaned, with CleanMyPC. These data crumbs do more than take up space and cause slow system performance, they often contain private information.

These pieces of data are left in the form of registry duplications, cookies, various cached web pages, Javascript, and other things.

If you’re concerned about your privacy and personal computer security, dealing with these bits of history should be an essential and routine part of using your computer.

About CleanMyPC

Clean My PC has seven main features that work together to ensure the overall health and privacy of your computer. These range from letting you manage what programs automatically start when you turn your computer on to managing your registry.

My Computer

This section is the home for the primary jobs of Clean My PC. It scans your system, looking in the standard places that your computer saves cache files to see how much un-needed data it can delete and how much space it can reclaim for you. CleanMyPC also scans your Recycle Bin for things that are not completely gone and looks for any language packs that you don’t need. Once it’s identified them, it deletes them for you.

Registry Maintenance

CleanMyPC scans your registry for outdated registry keys and any possible errors, deleting them once they’ve been identified and you’ve given the okay. This can help your computer run faster and be less prone to bugs.

True Uninstaller

One of the worst parts of uninstalling any program is the folders and settings that the program leaves behind. CleanMyPC ensures that once you’ve uninstalled something, every last bit of it is really gone.



With sleep functions built into Windows and sleep buttons on most keyboards, hardware hibernation settings are less useful and more of another source of problems. This was originally a good idea but every so often this doesn’t get done right, or the computer just doesn’t “wake up” correctly.

It’s easier and safer to just put your computer to sleep, and this disables the outdated settings.


One of the biggest reasons your computer slows down over time is programs that start when your computer does and run in the background. CleanMyPC lets you see exactly what is starting up and then lets you decide what programs to let run on your computer. Since most auto-started programs are total junk, this is a goldmine for reclaiming lost speed.


CleanMyPC manages your browser extensions, letting you see what else is running beside your Swagbucks addon. Browser extensions are a major source of malware, so this is important information to have available.


CleanMyPC helps you manage your browsers. A lot of times I will run Chrome and Firefox at the same time, for different reasons. The privacy section puts every browser you have installed in one place, letting you control cookies, history, the individual cache, and even saved passwords. I don’t save any passwords in my browser, letting LastPass handle all of my password needs. It’s a nice feature that clears everything when you close your browser, saving space and keeping your tracks to a minimum.


CleanMyPC can remove files or folders from your computer securely. Normally when you delete something, your computer doesn’t actually delete it, it just marks the space for the file as unused. That means that someone could recover that data pretty easily if they gain access to your hard drive. CleanMyPC solves the problem of unwanted file recovery by writing random data over the files repeatedly. This is the only method of deleting data that can be absolutely secure and is the same method used by the US military. Somehow, politicians still haven’t caught on though.

Final Thoughts

First and foremost, CleanMyPC excels at what it does. It’s a very handy way to clean up the clutter on your hard drive and reclaim valuable space. The interface is easy to navigate with minimal buttons, making it much more user-friendly than similar programs.

The privacy feature is excellent, putting browser history and cache controls right at your fingertips. If you’re at all concerned about your online privacy, this is something that will be a requirement. Likewise with being able to manage your browser extensions. Knowing what is running in the background on your computer is critical for security.

CleanMyPC runs efficiently, and if you’re concerned about resources or it slowing down your system, it won’t. It has two processes that idle in the background and consume about 35 MB of memory. For comparison, my Firefox browser is currently using over 600 MB.

A Cleaner Computer

The bottom line is that I like CleanMyPC. There are no significant faults or drawbacks that make this program a risk to your system. In fact, if you are security conscious, having these extra controls is going to make your life easier and your nights less sleepless. Navigation is easy with a smooth interface, and you don’t have to search for any hidden tricks or functions.

We liked that Clean My PC is safe for all levels of users. That means you could install it on your tech-confused grandmother’s computer and not worry that she’s going to call you in the middle of the night because she deleted the System32 directory.

You can try CleanMyPC free here:

CleanMyPC Rating: 8/10

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