Best CleanMyMac Alternatives

Best CleanMyMac Alternatives

There are a lot of alternatives to CleanMyMac and many of them are free. Even though CleanMyMac is the best overall Mac cleaning software we have used, that does not mean that it is worth the cost for everyone or that it includes the features you need.

7 Best Alternatives To CleanMyMac

1. CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner Logo

If you just want to clean your Mac without a ton of advanced options, CCleaner for Mac is the best alternative to CleanMyMac. It's one of the longest-standing cleaners on the market and is backed by reputable developers who care about creating software that works as advertised.

CCleaner is a simple Mac cleaner than CleanMyMac, so it doesn't come with ransomware protection and malware removal like CleanMyMac X and some other competing programs. It does come with some built-in security features, but has three primary goals:

  • Clear Space – The more space you clear up on your hard disk, the faster your Mac will operate. CCleaner can clear 34 GB per year with around 4 GB cleared on the first run.
  • Free Up RAM Space – You can expect to have more than 25% more free RAM after installing and running CCleaner for Mac.
  • Accelerate Boot Time – Your Mac may boot more than 50% faster after first using this Mac cleaner.

2. DaisyDisk

DaisyDisk logo

DaisyDisk is more affordable than CleanMyMac and does not sacrifice efficiency and simplicity. It delivers a colorful map that displays not only the storage space available on your hard disk but on all attached storage devices as well. That makes it easy to identify large files that are consuming more space than they're worth.

It's fast and easy to click files from your map, review their contents and make the decision to delete or save. It takes just seconds for the software to scan many disks, so this isn't an app that's going to consume a lot of your time.

It won't protect you from ransomware or other serious threats like CleanMyMac would, so make sure you're also running good anti-virus software.

Read our full review of DaisyDisk for more information.

3. Disk Drill

Disk Drill logo

Disk Drill is a well-known specialty data recovery tool for Mac that also includes valuable disk cleaning features. The software will analyze disk usage and identifies various types of files for cleaning. It also keeps track of the storage device's health and sends out prompt warnings if anything goes wrong.

The software's main focus is data recovery, despite the fact that its cleanup tools are very extensive. Data loss on a Mac can be caused by a variety of factors, including accidental deletion and data corruption. Disk Drill can help you recover the data, and in that regard is better than CleanMyMac. It is available in a free or paid Pro version.

Read our full Disk Drill review for more information.

4. MacBooster

MacBooster logo

MacBooster is a good CleanMyMac alternative designed to boost macOS performance through three main actions:

  • Delete Junk – The cleaner can eliminate up to 20 types of files that are known to slow your system down.
  • Remove Malware – Malware is designed to track your online activity for the benefit of marketers. It can clutter your system, slowing down operations as well as your startup time.
  • Eliminate Viruses – Viruses, worms, trojans, and other infections can do more than deteriorate your Mac's performance. They can compromise your privacy and exposure your personal and professional information to hackers and other criminals.

We consider this one of the leading Mac cleaners because it detects and removes duplicate files as well as outdated, unneeded, and malicious files. It doesn't protect you from ransomware, but it will catch and remove adware, spyware, and other dangers.

Read our full review of MacBooster for more information.

5. Drive Genius

Drive Genius is not as comprehensive as CleanMyMac, but is still an excellent alternative. It includes 18 features designed to perform three critical actions:

  • Clean – Eliminate those junk files while taking advantage of premium features not available with most competing apps. Easily adjust partitions and assign icons to files for improved organization. Completely eliminate unwanted files so they don't keep coming back to clutter your MacBook. Many competing programs cannot completely delete all files.
  • Protect – Drive Genius includes malware detection and removal, but that's just the beginning. Seven additional features allow you to detect and fix corrupted files, correct file errors and rebuild some lost files.
  • Boost Performance – Drive Genius can defragment your Mac and keep it clean for improved speed and overall performance.

Much of what is offered with Drive Genius isn't available with most of the other apps on this list. If you've ever dealt with corrupted files or drive errors, you know they're difficult if not impossible to repair without significant technical knowledge. This cleaning program may save you a trip to a repair shop, but expect a learning curve as you figure out all of the advanced settings.

Read our full review of Drive Genius for more information.

6. Onyx

Onyx is free software that performs various maintenance tasks, some of which can help your Mac run faster. It checks the integrity of your system files, rebuilds caches and indexes, and removes a variety of junk files.

It also modifies many aspects of your Mac's actions, including animation effects, file and folder visibility, and more. However, most of it is very specialized and not something that ordinary users will benefit from.

However, unlike other Mac cleaners, Onyx does not search your machine. Other than that, you select which caches and directories to clear, but it does not inform you whether they contain anything or whether clearing them will free up space.

Onyx allows you to perform a variety of advanced activities, including script execution and access to UNIX manual sites. These are obviously intended for professionals, and a few of them can even hurt your Mac if you're not careful. Where CleanMyMac has safeguards to protect your Mac, this alternative has none and you must excertcise caution when using some advanced features.

7. Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor logo

Disk Doctor is a simple disk cleaner without any advanced apps like CleanMyMac. Once it's installed on your Mac, you will see a simple app that shows available and used space in the following six areas of your computer:

  • Applications
  • Caches
  • Downloads
  • Language files
  • Logs
  • Mail downloads
  • Trash

You can run separate scans in each of these areas, and the software provides explanations of the junk files often found in each category. Disk Doctor does scan quickly, so it doesn't take a lot of time to perform monthly or quarterly cleanups.

When comparing Mac cleaning software, keep in mind that a program like Disk Doctor will provide only a basic cleanup. It will remove some of the most common junk files that are known to slow down a macOS, but they won't deliver the more exhaustive deep cleaning that you will get with a more developed software program. You will also need a separate anti-virus program in addition to Disk Doctor.


You can download a free demo to try this software before you invest any money. With a price tag of just $9.99 for a lifetime license, you may want to just buy it and give your Mac a cleanup right away. This is the most affordable Mac cleaner app available today, and you don't have to worry about ongoing monthly or annual payments.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • No learning curve


  • Not as thorough as more developed apps
  • No advanced apps
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