How to Read Someone's Text Messages

How to Read Someone's Text Messages

There are a lot of reasons for wanting to read someone's text messages without their permission. Maybe you have children you need to monitor or employees you suspect of stealing.

The best way to see text messages on another phone is to use a spy app. These apps allow you to do things like activating the microphone, intercept phone calls, and view all social media activity.

In this article, we will show you how to see someone's text messages.

Easiest Method: uMobix
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See Multimedia Attachments
Monitor All Social Media Apps
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How To Read Someone's Text Messages Using A Spy App

The simplest and safest method of reading someone else's text messages is to install a spy app. There are numerous spy apps available that work with iPhone and Android phones but the two we'll mention here perform exceptionally well, providing you with real-time information about the target and their activities. These apps are my preferred method of seeing someone else's text messages because they are fast to install and remain hidden from the user.

The only reason not to use this method of spying on their messages is that it requires having physical access to the cell phone. However, it may be easier to borrow the smartphone for a few minutes and install the app than to get the Google or Apple ID and password for the device so it can be monitored without installing software.

1. uMobix

uMobix is the best way to see text messages on another phone without them knowing. Installation is easy and, more importantly, fast.

It is designed to be able to spy on everything a user does, not just read the messages from their phone without permission. If you're new to the idea of using spy apps, consider the possibility of being able to read texts, track the user's location, monitor all social media, messaging, and Internet activity while being able to turn on the microphone remotely.

Although uMobix has everything you would expect to find on a spy app, it also has capabilities that far exceed any other option.

uMobix provides access to more social media accounts than anything else on the market, including Snapchat, Tinder, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Zoom, Skype, TikTok, and Reddit.

The short version is that you can have full control over the device and you can see their messages in addition to conversations with friends on messaging apps.

Live tech support is available by phone, which can be a lifesaver if you need to complete installation in a limited amount of time.

The only complaint I have is that intercepted data only stays available on the dashboard for 30 days. But, this limit is higher on multi-month plans so I'm just taking away a half star for it.

Ease of Use:
  • Totally hidden
  • Can stream live video from either camera
  • Remote microphone activation
  • Location tracker
  • Access to all social media
  • Data retention limited to 30 days on the basic plan

2. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is not as user-friendly as other spy apps, and the website and interface seem dated, but its technical ability is unmatched.

FlexiSpy rivals uMobix in capabilities but not in usability. These two are the only apps that can take pictures or video, as well as activate the microphone to turn the target phone into a live room bug.

remote camera activation

With the ability to spy on Skype, Facetime, and Facebook video calls, it offers much more than the ability to read messages from their phone. Unfortunately, FlexiSpy has two problems, and those are why it ranks #2 on our list. The website is outdated and the app is expensive, but it would be a mistake to let either of these things turn you away from this marvel.

Ease of Use:
  • Extremely powerful
  • Live camera streaming
  • Pre-loaded phones available
  • GPS tracker
  • Microphone access
  • Call recording
  • Older interface
  • Expensive

How To Read Someone's Text Messages Without Their Phone

In some cases, you may need to be able to read someone's text messages without installing software on their phone. While more features will be available when a spy app is installed, what makes the following spy apps special is that they can be used without ever touching the target phone.

The drawback is that you will need to know the ID and password for the iPhone or Android phone you will be monitoring.

Many times, this makes it easier to borrow the target device for a few minutes and install the needed software. Whichever method you choose, these are the best apps for the job.

1. EyeZy

EyeZy is a powerful new app that is capable of reading SMS text messages, as well as conversations from every popular messaging app. The company that makes eyeZy has a long history in the parental control and surveillance market and this is their current flagship.

It works without installing software by exploiting iCloud syncing to show you the person's text messages, current GPS location, contacts, e-mail, photos, and videos. Even more information is available for Android smartphones using Wi-Fi sync.

eyeZy offers a wide range of advanced capabilities including in addition to being able to read messages on the phone:

  • Keyword alerts to be notified if your child types, sends, or receives an inappropriate email or text message on their smartphone.
  • Monitor all the social media accounts including Snapchat, Tinder, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, iMessage, Telegram, Kik, Line, Viber, and Google Hangouts.
  • See pictures and videos on the target device.
  • Location tracking and the ability to create restricted areas and be notified when they are somewhere they shouldn't be.
  • Stealth mode ensures the person does not know you are monitoring them.
Ease of Use:
  • Easy to use
  • Fast installation
  • Totally hidden
  • GPS tracking
  • Keylogging
  • Screenshots
  • Expensive

2. mSpy

mSpy is a powerful and easy to navigate spy app. Perhaps most importantly, the monitoring software is totally invisible to the user and anyone using the target phone will never know of its presence.

Although lacking a few advanced tools from the option above, you will find that mSpy has a lot of things that are unavailable with most other options.

These are some of the highlights of what it can do, in addition to reading text messages:

  • iCloud Backup Monitoring
  • Call Logs
  • Search History
  • Keylogger
  • Compatible with all versions of Android and iOS

Messages can be recovered and read even if they have been deleted and calls from specific numbers can be blocked and the user will never know.

mSpy is the best option for tech-savvy users that require greater control over the target device in addition to accessing text messages.

Ease of Use:
  • Proven track record
  • Easy installation
  • Totally hidden
  • GPS tracking
  • Great tech support if you need it
  • Not as user-friendly as eyeZy

Read Someone's Text Messages Without Using Software

There are cases where you own the phone you want to monitor, but you do not know the account credentials or password information and you can not get access to the iPhone. The typical scenario for this is when you have a teenager that you are worried about and need to monitor without raising their suspicion.

Cell phone companies like Verizon keep records of all SMS text messages sent and received on your devices. While this seems like a horrible invasion of privacy, and it is, it can also be a real lifesaver when you have no other options.

You can usually order a copy of your phone call and text records going back several months. It will be more expensive than a spy app, and you will not have access to everything else that they provide, it is the last remaining possibility for accessing those records.

I strongly recommend that you try to get access to the phone you want to monitor, as there is usually a way, but it is good to have a backup plan and this option is almost never mentioned.


It is usually only legal to read someone's texts if they have given you their permission or if you are their legal guardian. You can almost never legally spy on your spouse's messages without their permission, though the issue can become legally complex if you own the device being monitored.

We strongly recommend against reading someone's texts without consulting a lawyer first. Some statutes are written in such a way that you may be taking on much more risk than you intended.

Is The Process Different For iPhone or Android?

Getting setup initially can be a little bit different, particularly if you need to have abilities that require that you jailbreak or root the device.

The information you can have sent to you, and how it is viewed online, will be the same on Android or iPhone.


Whether you can access the phone in question or need to read text messages without installing any software, we've covered several options to let you read someone else's messages.

There are numerous options, each with its own set of features and price range. If you want the best, look for an app that allows you to track the phone and live stream audio in addition to letting you read texts.

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