How To Activate The Microphone On A Cell Phone Remotely

How To Remotely Activate A Cell Phone Microphone

If you want to remotely activate someone's cell phone microphone, there are a few methods you can use. All of these methods require accessing the target phone one time to put a spy app on the device. While this may seem like it would be difficult, it only takes a few minutes and can easily be done while borrowing the phone to make a call.

How To Use Spy Apps To Remotely Activate A Phone's Microphone

There are numerous apps available that can be quickly installed on a target device and then controlled from another location, but very few can activate a cell phone's microphone. We will be focusing only on the apps I have tried and used successfully personally.


uMobix screenshot

uMobix is a powerful spy app that can remotely activate the microphone of a cell phone, and it is what I currently use to spy on my son.

While you can activate the microphone at any time and listen in on nearby conversations, it provides a wide range of features that make it an attractive choice for anyone looking to monitor a target device.

This includes the ability to remotely view text messages, emails, call logs, and social media activities. You can also use it to track the person's location and even set up keyword alerts so you know when certain words or phrases are used in conversations.

Geofencing alerts can be set up to notify you when they enter or leave a predefined area. You will also be able to access all of the data stored on the target device, including messages, emails, photos, and videos.

Impressively, the uMobix app can turn on the front and rear cameras as well as remotely activate the microphone.

uMobix stays completely hidden and will enter stealth mode immediately after installation. From that point on, the user will never know it is there and you will not need to physically access the phone again.

I have used several such apps and this is the only one I fully trust to be installed on my son's cell phone.


XNSPY screenshot

XNSPY is a powerful spy app that you can use to listen in on a target cell phone. It is easy to install with just a few clicks and practically impossible to detect once it has been installed. Once activated, users of XNSPY gain access to a wide variety of features including GPS location tracking, call logs, Wi-Fi connections, geofencing, screen recording, keylogging, monitoring WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other social media activity, text message monitoring, and email monitoring. Most notable however is its ability to allow remote control of the microphone and camera of the target mobile device.

You can listen in on audio and conversations happening near the smartphone at any time you choose with this software. Additionally, XNSPY offers enhanced privacy by being able to wipe or lock data from the target device as well as viewing pictures and videos stored on it. Users can also take live screenshots and even record phone calls when needed.

I had previously used XNSPY and was happy with it, but uMobix has better social media monitoring coverage and would let me stream live video from the phone so it was worth switching. As a backup option, I highly recommend it.


FlexiSPY screenshot

FlexiSPY is one of the most powerful spy apps and it provides users with an impressive range of features, such as GPS location tracking, call logs, Wi-Fi connections, geofencing, screen recording, keylogging, monitoring social media activity, and text message monitoring. Furthermore, it also allows users to access pictures and videos.

One of the best features of FlexiSPY, however, is its ability to activate the microphone on the target remotely. This is done by simply logging into your account to hear audio through the control panel. Once activated the user will be able to listen to conversations happening nearby any time they choose. In addition to this feature, FlexiSPY also offers enhanced security features such as wiping or locking data from the target device as well as taking live screenshots of it.

FlexiSPY can also record both sides of cell phone calls and even Skype, FaceTime, and WhatsApp voice and video calls. So why is it listed last?

FlexiSPY has two main problems. First, it's the most expensive by far. But more concerning than that is the fact the website and interface seem antiquated.

It works. The app works well and does what it says, but given the obvious age of the app, it's difficult for me to feel comfortable in it continuing to work with the latest phones and OS updates.

Quite frankly, if I am trying to turn on someone's cell phone mic then I need to feel confident that it can be done secretly and without the person's knowledge. I just don't have that confidence in the app, even though I am very impressed with FlexiSPY.


Are there any other methods I should consider?

There are several apps on the market that claim to be able to do this but many simply do not work or are not completely hidden from the user.

Is it hard to use one of these apps?

No, most of these apps are quite simple and easy to use. Once installed, all information and recordings are accessed through a control panel or dashboard.

Are there ways to listen to audio on mobile devices for free?

No, there are no reliable services to do this for free. The technology behind apps with this ability is significant and no one is giving that away for free.


In many locations, remotely activating someone's microphone is only legal if you own the cell phone or it belongs to your minor child. However, laws can vary dramatically and there are locations where the user's consent will always be required or it may not be legal at all. It can also depend on where you and the target user are located.

Because of this, it is not safe to simply assume that what you intend on doing will be legal and you must consult with a lawyer before taking any action. Failure to do this may result in severe and unintended consequences.


When trying to remotely turn on a phone's microphone, uMobix and XNSPY both offer reliable solutions that provide people with access to a range of additional features. FlexiSPY is the most powerful of these three services, however, it's significantly more expensive and its interface raises questions about how up-to-date it will remain. As such, if you are looking for a reliable way to turn a mic on and off then uMobix or XNSPY is your best bet.

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