Best Apps for Eavesdropping

Best Eavesdropping Apps

Smartphones offer users access to the world at their fingertips but that convenience comes at the cost of privacy. While eavesdropping apps used to be the domain of governments and spy agencies, they are now readily available to parents and employers needing to listen in on what others thought were private conversations.

In this article, you will learn about the best apps for eavesdropping in 2024.

Top 4 Eavesdropping Apps

Eavesdropping apps allow users to record audio and monitor calls, text messages, emails, social media accounts, track the location of the target phone, and view private information without needing direct access to the device. Once installed, the application runs silently in the background so no one knows it is listening in on conversations.

1. uMobix

uMobix logo

uMobix is an advanced eavesdropping app that I use to spy on my kids. It allows users to monitor conversations around the target phone by turning on the microphone. With GPS location tracking and geo-fencing capabilities, you can get automatic alerts when the phone is outside of an acceptable area or in a prohibited one, in addition to seeing their movements on a map.

The eavesdropping app logs incoming and outgoing text messages in addition to popular messaging apps such as Snapchat, Telegram, Kik, Skype, Tinder, Line, Viber, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. This makes it easy for people to keep tabs on private conversations taking place on the device.

The screen recorder can be used with the keylogger feature to reveal usernames and passwords for accounts you didn't know existed and they help to ensure that no hidden messaging apps escape your attention.

When using uMobix, users can activate the microphone remotely and stream live audio from the target device. You can also stream live video from the cell phone cameras, which helps add context to the eavesdropped conversations.

Overall, uMobix is a highly effective tool for people wanting to eavesdrop on conversations happening around a target phone in a way that is inconspicuous and hidden. It offers a comprehensive set of features suitable for various scenarios including eavesdropping on private chats or tracking someone's movements via GPS location tracking.

Ease of Use:
  • Streams live video
  • Remote microphone activation
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Access all social media apps
  • Simple installation
  • Great customer support
  • Data retention limited to 30 days on the basic plan


XNSPY logo

XNSPY is an advanced eavesdropping app that provides users with a comprehensive set of features to spy on their targets. It can record calls, monitor conversations around the phone, track the location of the target phone, and view private information on the device. XNSPY also offers GPS location tracking, call logs, WiFi connections, and geofencing capabilities. It is equipped with a screen recorder and keylogger for capturing usernames and passwords for accounts you didn't know about. Additionally, its microphone activation feature allows users to remotely stream live audio from the target device.

listing of recorded phone calls in XNSPY

XNSPY's broad set of features makes it one of the best apps for eavesdropping, whether your interest is in calls being made or conversations happening around a target phone.

However, there are some drawbacks to using XNSPY. While it does offer features such as monitoring popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype, it does not allow users to activate the cell phone cameras, making it difficult to add context to conversations that may be taking place around the target device. Its user interface may also not be as intuitive for many users when compared to other options on the market, making it more difficult for novice users to navigate through its range of features.

While XNSPY is effective, I would only recommend it if you are a more experienced user and needs its unique set of features.

Ease of Use:
  • Extremely powerful
  • Live camera streaming
  • Microphone access
  • Call recording
  • Less modern interface
  • Expensive

3. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY logo

FlexiSPY provides users with a range of features to effectively spy on their targets. Its microphone activation feature allows users to remotely stream live audio from the target phone so they can hear conversations and activity near the phone.

It has GPS location tracking, call logs, WiFi connections, geofencing capabilities, and a screen recorder which can be used to monitor conversations taking place on the device. It also has a keylogger to capture usernames and passwords for accounts you may not have known existed.

FlexiSPY is also able to monitor popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Tinder, Instagram, Viber, Line, Kik, and Skype. It logs text messages and records both sides of phone calls as well as voice calls on Skype, FaceTime, and WhatsApp. Lastly, it allows users to view pictures and videos stored on the phone making it a comprehensive tool for stealth monitoring activities.

Despite its many features and capabilities, FlexiSPY is not without drawbacks as it is by far one of the most expensive options available in terms. Additionally, its compatibility is fairly limited and its user interface can often seem outdated when compared to similar apps on the market. In spite of its impressive features, both the antiquated website and interface raise the question of if this eavesdropping app is being actively maintained so that it will remain invisible and undetectable in future Android and iOS operating system releases.

4. mSpy

mSpy logo

mSpy is a powerful surveillance app that spies on all activity on a phone, from text messages to social media. The app is equipped with a range of features that make it useful for monitoring a cell phone. It has GPS location tracking and geofencing capabilities, as well as a screen recorder and keylogger.

mSpy monitors popular social media platforms like Snapchat, Telegram, Kik, Skype, Tinder, Line, Viber, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. This allows users to keep track of text messages but also stay updated on the goings-on of their targets' online lives.

While it cannot activate the microphone or cameras on the phone, it is still an excellent way to spy on all other activity taking place on a phone.

Benefits and Uses of Eavesdropping Apps

Eavesdropping apps can be used in a variety of situations to gain insight into phone activities or listen to conversations taking place near a target device. These include using it for parental control, employee monitoring, and even investigation.

Using a spy app also has the advantage of being completely undetectable by both the users whose activity is being monitored and other people who have access to the target phone. This makes them especially useful when trying to monitor someone without their knowledge.

Additionally, most of these spy apps are easy to install and use, making them accessible for both novice and experienced users alike.

Legal Concerns

Laws concerning these apps can vary greatly by state and jurisdiction. While it is usually perfectly fine to use one on a device you own to keep an eye on your children, and commonly so for a device you own without the consent of the user, the lack of standards when it comes to what situations would be legal or not make it absolutely necessary that you consult with a lawyer before proceeding. Failure to do so could result in illegally violating someone's privacy when you thought your actions were fully within the law.


How much do eavesdropping apps cost?

The cost of eavesdropping software varies greatly depending on the features and capabilities you require. Some are as low as $10 a month, while others can cost upwards of $70 per device.

Can these apps be detected by anti-virus software or firewalls?

No, these applications are designed to be completely invisible and undetectable.

Can I listen in on conversations without physical access to the target device?

Yes, after the app is installed initially on the device, it can connect remotely to the device and allow you to monitor activities and conversations.

Will they know when I'm listening?

No, these apps are designed to run in the background and remain completely undetectable. The user of the device will not be aware of your activities.

Are there any free eavesdropping apps available?

No, there are no truly free eavesdropping apps available. While some may claim to have limited features, most of these "free" spy apps contain malware or other hidden costs that can be detrimental to your device and security. It is best to stick with reputable paid eavesdropping applications to ensure you receive the best service and security.


Eavesdropping apps provide users with an effective way of monitoring activities and conversations taking place on a phone without detection. While they can vary greatly in price, they are fairly easy to install and use even for those without much tech knowledge or experience. However, it is important to be aware of the laws surrounding their use and consult with a lawyer about your use case. Doing your research ahead of time can help ensure that you gather the information you need without putting yourself at risk.

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