How To Track A Phone's Location Using The Number

How To Track A Cell Phone Location By Number

Tracking a cell phone location by number has become a necessity in today's digital age. As a parent, you may be concerned about your child's whereabouts or want to make sure they are not accessing inappropriate content. Employers may need to monitor their employees' location for security and productivity reasons. Additionally, if your phone gets lost or stolen, being able to track its location can greatly increase the chances of recovering it.

Before diving into the methods and tools available, it's essential to understand the legal implications of trying to find the location of a phone number. Unauthorized tracking is illegal and can lead to very serious consequences so you should only trace a number's location if you have consent.

5 Ways To Find The Location Of Someone's Cell Phone Using The Number

The fastest track a phone number by gps is to use a specialized service. These services provide an easy and effective way to find someone's location by phone number. is a comprehensive service that allows someone to track any number and find its accurate location on a map, regardless of the phone's model or network provider. One of the significant advantages of is that it doesn't require any software installation or download.

This method sends a text message to the user with a special link. When that is opened, it will GPS locate the phone number.

Steps to Use '' to find someone's cell phone location by number:

  1. Select and send an SMS to the desired number.
  2. The person owning the number receives the SMS containing a link.
  3. Upon opening it, the phone begins sharing its location.
  4. The user can view the specific location of the phone in their User Space on is another popular service that allows you to find the location of a mobile number. It works in a very similar way, sending a link that will locate a phone when it is clicked. It offers quick and accurate location information, making it a reliable choice for many.

How to use the '' mobile number location tracker:

  1. Create an account on and log in.
  2. Enter the number you want to locate in the provided field.
  3. Select the desired location request method (via text message).
  4. The recipient of the message receives a discreet notification.
  5. Upon clicking the link, the recipient's location is shared back with you.
  6. You receive an email notification and can view the location on a map in your dashboard.

How to Use a Phone Tracker App

If you prefer being able to do more than just location tracking, phone tracker apps can be an excellent option. These apps provide a wide range of capabilities. Here are three popular tracker apps:


uMobix tracker dashboard

uMobix is entirely different, in that it requires you to install it on the phone, where it then runs in stealth mode in the background. While this does require accessing the target phone 1 time to get it set up, it does not require the cooperation of the user, which is a huge advantage over the previous two methods I discussed.

More strikingly, it is much more than a phone number location tracker. uMobix is a comprehensive tracking app that offers a wide range of features for both Android and iOS devices. It goes beyond just tracking a phone's location and provides extensive functionality, making it popular among parents, employers, and individuals concerned about the activities of their loved ones. With uMobix, you can track the current gps location of a mobile number using GPS technology, ensuring you always know where the device is located.

uMobix control panel

In addition to location, uMobix offers various other phone monitoring features. It allows you to see detailed call logs, including incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, as well as the duration of each call and associated contact information. You can also view text messages, including SMS messages and iMessages. The app enables social media monitoring for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more. You can see private messages and media files exchanged on these platforms.

The keylogger tool records every keystroke made, providing complete texts, usernames, passwords, and other valuable information. You can also remotely control and manage apps on the targeted phone, including blocking specific apps or setting time limits on their usage. uMobix allows you to view photos and videos stored on the device.

uMobix offers excellent customer support, but the service is easy enough to use that help is not likely to be needed, though it's nice to know it's there.


mSpy screenshot

mSpy is a popular parental control app designed to have robust monitoring capabilities. The application is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms and requires installation.

In terms of functionality, mSpy covers a wide spectrum of monitoring and GPS tracking functions. It provides the real-time location along with a unique geofencing feature. This feature allows setting up geographic boundaries for the monitored devices, triggering alerts when these 'safe' or 'unsafe' zones are breached.

Besides territorial controls, mSpy taps into various phone applications. It has capabilities to monitor messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook as well as standard text messages and e-mails. Content exchanged over these channels is also tracked.

Additionally, mSpy reveals call logs, contacts, calendar events and online activity management, among its other features. An important aspect of mSpy is its keylogger function which records each keystroke on the target device, ensuring nothing slips through unnoticed.


XNSPY control panel

XNSPY is a mobile tracker that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It offers extensive monitoring, making it ideal for parents, employers, and individuals who need to monitor phone activities. With XNSPY, you can monitor phone activity such as call logs, messages, and internet browsing history. It also does real-time location monitoring, allowing your to keep tabs on the target device's whereabouts. Additionally, XNSPY allows viewing to social media conversations, emails, and multimedia files stored on the device.

One of the key advantages of XNSPY is its user-friendly interface, making it easy for users without extensive technical knowledge to navigate and monitor various aspects of the target device. The tool also ensures data security, protecting the gathered information from external threats. Additionally, XNSPY offers multilingual support for non-English speaking users. Despite its comprehensive functionality, XNSPY remains affordable compared to other options and is a popular choice due to its versatility and broad functionality.

Free Alternatives

If you're looking for free alternatives to track a cell phone location, there are a couple of options available that rely on built-in tools of popular operating systems. These options include using Google Maps on Android devices and Find My iPhone on iOS devices.

Using Google Maps for Android Devices

Android devices come with Google Maps pre-installed, which can be utilized to track the location of a cell phone in certain situations. Note that this method requires prior setup and knowledge of the Google account associated with the device.

  1. Ensure that the target Android device has GPS enabled.
  2. Using a web browser, go to Google Maps website.
  3. Log in using the Google account for the target device. Make sure it's the same account used on the Android phone.
  4. In the top-left corner of the Google Maps page, click the menu icon (three horizontal lines) to open the sidebar.
  5. From the sidebar, select "Your Timeline."
  6. The map will display various timestamps representing the device's location history.

Note that this method provides historical location data based on previous activity. It does not have real-time tracking or live updates.

Using Find My iPhone for iOS Devices

For iOS users, Apple includes a built-in tracking feature called Find My iPhone. This feature allows you to locate, lock, or erase your iPhone or any other Apple device linked to your Apple ID.

  1. Make sure the Find My iPhone feature is enabled on the phone. To do this, go to "Settings," tap on your Apple ID name, select "Find My," and ensure that "Find My iPhone" is toggled on.
  2. Using a web browser, visit the iCloud website.
  3. Log in using the Apple ID associated with the target device.
  4. On the iCloud homepage, click on "Find iPhone."
  5. A map will appear, displaying the locations of all associated iOS devices.
  6. Select the device you wish to track from the list of available devices.
  7. The map will update with exact location information for the selected device.

Find My iPhone provides real-time tracking and additional features such as locking the device remotely or sending an audible alert. However, it requires prior setup and consent from the person whose location you wish to track, and it only works for iOS devices connected to an active internet connection.

Limitations of Free Alternatives

While free methods can be useful in certain scenarios, they have limitations. Some of the limitations include:

  • Limited functionality: Free alternatives often only have basic capabilities and lack call logs, or text message and social media monitoring.
  • Consent and setup requirements: These methods generally require configuration and consent from the user who you wish to track.
  • Lack of advanced features: Free alternatives may not offer advanced features like remote control settings, keyloggers, or app control, which are available in dedicated apps.
  • Reliability and accuracy: Dedicated tracking software is often more reliable, with more accurate location data compared to free alternatives.

If you require more robust and extensive capabilities, I recommended that you consider using an app that will track a cell phone with just the number as they are often a more comprehensive and reliable solution for tracking cell phone locations and offer additional features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it legal to track a cell phone location by number?

Tracking a mobile number is legal as long as you have proper consent from the individual whose cell phone you wish to track. Unauthorized monitoring is illegal and can have serious consequences. It is essential to respect privacy laws and follow legal procedures when tracking someone's cell phone.

Do I need physical access to the target phone?

In most cases, you do not need physical access to the target phone to track a cell phone's current location by its IMEI number. works with the recipient's consent and can track location information without directly accessing the cell phone. However, some tools may require physical access to the phone for installation.

Can I track a phone's location even if the SIM card is changed?

Whether you can track a phone's location after a SIM card change depends on the method or service you are using. relies on the mobile network and associated cell phone number, so changing the SIM card does not affect their ability to track the device. However, some tracker apps may require reinstallation or additional steps.

Are tracking services accurate when locating a cell phone?

Yes, and utilize various technologies, including GPS, cell tower triangulation, and Wi-Fi network information, making them generally accurate for locating a cell phone. However, certain factors such as poor network connectivity or disabled GPS location tracking may affect accuracy.

Can I track cell phone numbers in real-time?

Some tracking tools, especially those provided by dedicated apps, offer real-time tracking capabilities. and provide near-instant location updates when the recipient opens the link. It's important to note that having real-time data may depend on factors such as network connectivity and the targeted device's location settings.

Can I track my child's cell phone with phone tracker app?

Yes, phone trackers like uMobix, mSpy, and XNSPY offer features specifically designed for parental control. This software lets parents track their child's phone, monitor their online activities, and ensure their safety. It's important to use such software responsibly and have an open conversation with your child about privacy and trust.

Are there any free alternatives for tracking a cell phone?

Yes, there are free ways you can track a mobile phone by its number. Built-in features like Google Maps and Find My iPhone can provide basic information. However, the free alternatives may have limitations in terms of functionality and may require prior configuration.

What precautions should I take when using cell phone tracking services?

When trying to track someone using their number, it's important to take the following precautions:

  • Obtain proper consent from the person whose phone you are tracking.
  • Choose trusted and reputable software.
  • Review the terms of service and privacy policies of the chosen service or app.
  • Avoid using a tracking app for malicious purposes or invading others' privacy.


With various services and apps available, tracking a cell phone location by number is now easier than ever. Whether you opt for specialized number tracking tools like and or choose feature-rich tracker apps like uMobix, mSpy, or XNSPY, make sure to stay within legal boundaries and respect privacy rights.

With proper consent and ethical usage, tracking their location using a cell phone number can be a powerful tool for ensuring the safety of loved ones or protecting your business assets. It's vital to choose trusted services, understand the laws you must obey, and exercise caution.

Remember, technology should be used responsibly and with respect for the privacy of others.

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