How To Monitor A Phone Remotely

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How To Monitor A Phone Remotely

Monitoring a phone remotely can be a great way to keep an eye on your children, employees, spouse, or anyone else who may be using a device. In this article, we'll explore the different ways you can monitor a phone remotely, from using tracking apps and software to more basic methods such as using the target device's account to do basic monitoring.

How To Monitor A Cell Phone Remotely

The best way to monitor a phone remotely is by installing monitoring software or mobile spy apps. These apps are designed to remain completely hidden on the target device while monitoring all cell phone activity remotely. There is, however, a lot a variation in the quality of these apps with some being excellent ways to monitor a phone remotely and others being useless or even malware designed to extract personal information.

I will be focusing on the apps I have personally used to monitor a phone remotely.


I use uMobix to monitor my son's phone remotely. He doesn't know it's there, so it has been an eye-opening experience. I can track his location, seeing where he is now and a history of where he was, overlaid on a map and use geofencing to receive alerts when he goes somewhere he shouldn't.

call and messaging logs recorded by uMobix when monitoring a phone

It has the ability to monitor all popular messaging apps such as Snapchat, Telegram, Kik, Skype, Tinder, Line, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. As you would expect, it captures all incoming and outgoing text messages, even if they have been deleted.

uMobix also has a keylogger that records every keystroke made on the target phone, capturing conversations even on hidden messaging apps and logins for accounts you may not have known existed. This feature can be used to monitor email accounts and other sensitive information that might otherwise be hidden from view.

A screen recorder enables users to take screenshots of the device. This is particularly useful for employers who want to ensure their employees are not accessing inappropriate content at work or for parents who want to monitor their children's online activities.

uMobix also has a microphone activation feature that allows users to listen in on conversations taking place nearby, without anyone being aware they are being monitored. This has been one of the most helpful features I've used. The conversations people will have when they think you are not listening are amazing.

The app is also capable of turning on the camera, which I have found most useful when I need to secretly see his surroundings while we are talking.

While this may seem like too much of an invasion of privacy, and it does need to be used responsibly, uMobix is a very powerful and effective way to monitor a phone remotely.


mSpy is another app that you can use to monitor a phone remotely. It's similar to uMobix in its features, but has some extra features that may be useful for certain users.

using mSpy to monitor a phone

One of the most interesting features of mSpy is the ability to view all installed apps on the target device and block any apps you don't want them using, like those with questionable content or apps designed to bypass tracking software.

It also has an automatic screenshot feature which takes screenshots at regular intervals so you can see exactly what your child, employee, or spouse is viewing on their device. This feature would be particularly useful for employees who access sensitive information while working remotely.

As with uMobix, geofencing and location tracking are available with mSpy and it can record the call log and text messages. It also has a keylogger, screen recorder, and excellent social media monitoring like uMobix. Where it differs is that it lacks the ability to turn on the camera or microphone.

Aside from these two limitations, mSpy is an effective and reliable way to monitor a phone remotely. With extremely wide compatibility and good tech support in case you need it, the only reason I switch from mSpy was because I needed the two features it didn't offer.

How To Monitor A Phone Remotely For Free

You can monitor a phone remotely for free by using Find My iPhone or Find My Device on Android. These apps are available through the App Store or Google Play and must be installed on both your device and their device. Once done, you'll be able to track their location, lock the device remotely, or erase data if needed. While this method is free, it can alert the user to your actions and is difficult to do without them knowing.

This method also requires that you know the account information for the device you want to monitor. As you can imagine, this makes it unsuitable for the majority of use cases but it is worth mentioning that it is possible to monitor a cell phone remotely for free this way.


What kind of information can I access?

This depends on the app you use. Generally, you can access call logs, text messages, locations, installed apps and usage data. You may also be able to turn on the camera or microphone and take screenshots on the device with some applications.

Will they know I'm monitoring their phone remotely?

If you are using one of the monitoring apps mention here, no. These apps are designed to be invisible to the user and are very good at remaining hidden.

However, if you use a method like Find My iPhone or Find My Device to monitor a phone remotely, it is likely that they will know you are monitoring them.

How much does it cost to use software for remote monitoring of a phone?

Most spy apps cost between $10 and $65 per month depending on the plan you choose and the features you require. You may also find multi-month and multi-device discounts that can reduce the cost considerably.

What kind of security measures should be taken when monitoring a phone remotely to protect against hacking or unauthorized access?

You should be careful to only use monitoring software from a reputable source. These apps give full control over the device, so you should also change the password of your monitoring app regularly and use complex passwords to prevent unauthorized access.

Legal Concerns

In most locations, it is legal to monitor a phone remotely if you own the device and are keeping an eye on your child. Legality can vary greatly when it comes to doing this on a phone you own but without the user's consent. In some jurisdictions ownership is what determines legality while in others consent is always needed. The only safe course of action is to consult with a lawyer before you attempt to monitor a phone remotely.


Monitoring a phone remotely can be an effective way to make sure that your loved ones are safe. By providing access to important information, you will be able to keep an eye on their activities and be alerted of any potentially dangerous situations. However, due to the security risks involved, it is important to make sure that you use a reputable monitoring app and take appropriate security measures. Additionally, it is essential to understand the laws surrounding phone monitoring in your area before attempting this as there may be legal consequences if done improperly or in the wrong situation. If done properly, you can have peace of mind while helping ensure the safety of your family.

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