How Can Parents Monitor Snapchat?

How Can Parents Monitor Snapchat?

As a concerned parent, you may be wondering how parents can monitor Snapchat. With the increasing popularity of this social media platform, which places a lot of focus on being able to send hidden messages, there is a growing need for parents to ensure their children are not engaging in inappropriate behavior. Fortunately, there are several ways that parents can monitor Snapchat and ensure their child's safety.

How Parents Can Monitor Snapchat

One of the most effective ways that parents can monitor Snapchat is through the use of a spy app. Spy apps, or parental control software, are able to track all activities taking place on the user's device and provide detailed logs for review, including sent and received text messages, pictures taken and shared on Snapchat, as well as any other activity taking place on the device. With such comprehensive tracking data at their disposal, parents are given full transparency when it comes to understanding their child’s activity on the social media app. We'll be focusing on the ones I have personally used with success.


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I have used uMobix to monitor my kids' Snapchat for the last year. Parents can also access logs of text messages sent or received through Snapchat as well as Telegram, Kik, Skype, Tinder, Line, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

The app takes about 5-10 minutes to install on your child's phone, so it's easy to do without them knowing, and it immediately enters stealth mode where it will run invisibly in the background and remain hidden from the user. Even for someone with a great deal of technical knowledge, it's very difficult to detect.

In addition to letting parents monitor Snapchat, a GPS location tracker allows you to see where your child is at all times, while a geofencing function will send an alert if they leave a designated area or enter a prohibited one.

uMobix also offers advanced features such as screen recordings and microphone activation. With these features, you can capture videos of your child's social media activities and listen in on private conversations taking place near the phone. A live streaming feature can be used to view real-time images taken by their child’s phone camera, giving parents a better understanding of what their children are up to and what they are really doing.

The only thing I have not liked about this app is that it only keeps recorded information for 30 days. While this is longer on multi-month plans, I am not on one of those plans so it's irritating. Aside from that, it is a great way for parents to monitor Snapchat.


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mSpy is what I previously recommended for parents to monitor Snapchat. It's a solid spy app with wide compatibility and a good reputation.

mSpy is one of the most useful spy apps for parents needing to monitor Snapchat activity. Various monitoring features are available such as GPS location tracking, geofencing, a keylogger, and the ability to monitor multiple messaging services like Telegram, Kik, Skype, Tinder, Line, Viber, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. It also allows you to view text messages sent or received through these social media services.

The app also has a screen recorder that allows you to capture video of your child's activities on Snapchat, including My Eyes Only, or other messaging services and review them later. A keylogger feature records all activity that takes place on the device, including passwords entered, so you can be sure you are not missing activity on a hidden messaging app. This makes it easier for to ensure that your child is not engaging in risky or inappropriate behavior.

Despite its powerful features and broad monitoring capabilities, mSpy does not offer the same level of transparency or control as some other parental control software does. For instance, it does not allow for the activation of cell phone cameras or microphone recording; both features can provide invaluable insight into what kids are doing when they're online and are why I switched to uMobix.

If these features aren't important to you, it's an effective way of keeping your kids safe. The app is easy to use, is compatible with every major iPhone and Android device released since 2014, and has good tech support.

Why Should Parents Monitor Snapchat?

Monitoring Snapchat is important for many reasons, and particularly so for those with teenagers. It's easy for kids to access inappropriate content on the app or hide sexually explicit conversations. There are also potential risks associated with cyberbullying, sexting, and other dangerous behavior that can occur when children are unsupervised online.

By using a spy app, parents can monitor Snapchat activity to ensure their kids stay safe online. A good spy app should provide you with constant real-time updates about your child's activity, allowing them to take necessary precautions if any risky behavior is detected.

Parents who invest the time and effort into properly monitoring their child’s social media usage with a spy app can give their kids the freedom to enjoy the internet safely and securely.

Tips for Talking to Kids About Monitoring Their Social Media Usage

Parents should discuss their reasons for monitoring Snapchat or other social media sites with their kids. If possible, try to present it in a way that makes the child feel like they're part of the solution rather than just being spied on and told what to do. Openly address any concerns or questions your child may have about the spy app and make sure they understand that you are not spying on them out of distrust, but rather out of genuine care and concern.

Legal Concerns

In most locations, it is legal to spy on your underage child using a device that you own and they are using. In some locations, the legality becomes less clear if the child owns the device, while in some jurisdictions consent may be needed no matter what.

Because you can not rely on logic to determine that you are acting within your rights, parents must consult with a lawyer before attempting to monitor anyone.


How can parents monitor Snapchat?

Parents can use a spy app to monitor Snapchat activity. Spy apps allow parents to track text messages sent and received through the app, view photos and videos shared on the app, as well as other activities like screen recording and keylogging.

What are some signs that my child may be engaging in risky behavior on Snapchat?

Signs of potentially risky behavior include spending an excessive amount of time using the app, being secretive about where they go and who they talk to on the app, or having a sudden change in behavior. Other signs may include receiving money from unknown people.

Can parents monitor Snapchat messages and photos without their kids knowing?

Yes, by using a parental control app that runs in the background, parents can monitor Snapchat messages and photos without their kids knowing. This type of app is designed to be discreet and will not alert the user that they are being monitored.

What should I do if I discover inappropriate content on my child's Snapchat account?

If you discover any inappropriate content on your child's account, it's important to talk with your child about what they have seen or done and come up with a plan for how to ensure their safety going forward. Depending on the circumstances, you may need to involve local authorities.

Are there any parental control settings within the Snapchat app itself?

Yes, there are settings for parental control within the app that allow parents to set limits on who their child can interact with and how long they can use the app. These settings can be found in the 'Settings' menu of the app. Unfortunately, these options do not allow parents to fully monitor Snapchat.


Monitoring Snapchat activity with a spy app is a great way for parents to keep their kids safe while they enjoy the internet. However, it's important that you understand the legal implications of monitoring your child’s activities and make sure to have an open conversation with them about why you are doing so. By investing time in understanding the spy app and its capabilities, talking openly with their child, and using it appropriately, parents can ensure that their children safely use social media without compromising their privacy or well-being.

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