About Staff

Kimberly Carver Owner of thehightechsociety.com

Owner / Writer: Kimberly Carver

Kim is a writer, investigator and major tech lover. As the owner of Carver Networks, which The High Tech Society is a part of, she works hard to ensure that her site and her writers are taken seriously. She does this by only putting up high quality content and unbiased, through reviews. As females in the tech world, Kimberly and her writers hope to use The High Tech Society to make a difference by showing the world that women in technology (and other STEM fields) can be taken seriously without having a male name.



Tech news Writer Brandy CrossSenior Writer and Executive Assistant: Brandy Cross

Brandy is the head writer of TheHighTechSociety, and as such has covered all aspects of technology since the site started, including tech news. She has also written tech news, as well as other technology content for many other websites. Brandy is also an editor for this site and others. In addition to writing, editing and assisting the HTS, Brandy also writes for multiple large, well known websites and has published ebooks in her name. In her downtime, Brandy says she enjoys hot cups of tea and anything tech and that new technology, software, and figuring out how things work are a personal favorite hobby.

Webmaster: Harry Carver

Harry’s passion for technology has helped him learn a new trade, that of website building. Although he’s still in the learning stages, he is learning quickly and puts what he learns to use on the HTS website as often as he can. Harry’s main career focus has been, and still is, in the manufacturing industry, in which he has been in for over 23 years.