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We are open to article suggestions on anything related to technology. The more interesting the subject is, and the less that it has been covered elsewhere, the more likely we are to be interested in covering it. This can cover traditional tech subjects like robotics, IT, gadgets, apps, and software or science, medical, space, and ‘cool’ tech. Want us to cover the first new zero-G produced materials? We’d be up for that.


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We love hands-on, physical, tech reviews. Overclocking a new chip until we accidentally kind of break it, finding out how insanely difficult they managed to make the latest version of AutoCAD, playing with the latest tech toy until the wee hours of the night for…um…research. Hands-on tech is the best fuel for our site.

However, we do not accept payment for reviews. The best way to get us to review something is to e-mail and hope that we think that it’s as cool as you do. If so, you’re in! If not, don’t take it personally and think of it as free market research. 🙂

If you read our reviews, you’ll notice that we are sticklers for quality and detail. We offer unbiased reviews that point out the pros and cons of each item. We take photos and videos, and we really get to know the items before we review them. As a result we’ve built up a base of readers who trust our opinions. These opinions may not always be favorable to your product, but out of respect we will always give you the chance to respond before publishing and will delay publishing if you are actively making changes that may change our review.

We are reasonable, just don’t expect it to be one-sided. 🙂

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