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Are you looking for someone to review your gadget, software or technology? Here at the High Tech Society we’re big fans of tech of any kind. Since launch, we’ve reviewed and covered dozens of up and coming technologies including gadgets, apps, and software, as well as established companies and brands like Zaag, MacKeeper, Camera360, PapaGo, Microsoft (Bing), and BigCommerce. We also accept advertisements in the forms of banners and sponsored posts, of which you can read more about below.

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If you read our reviews, you’ll notice that we are sticklers for quality. We offer completely unbiased reviews that point out the pros and cons of each item we review. We take photos and videos, and we really get to know your products before we review them, and as a result, we’ve built up a base of readers who trust our opinions.

The writers behind those reviews are the geeks, gamers, app users and first adopters who love to try new things, and who represent the majority of your consumer base. Most of them are also professional writers.  While that means they’re great wordsmiths, it also means that they pay their rent writing. And if they write for us, we have to pay them.

We receive over 100 requests for reviews and write-ups each month. We quite simply cannot afford to keep up with paying our writers to do reviews without compensation. While we could put more ads up on the site, that would reduce our quality, and we don’t want to do that. Instead, we’re asking that you pay writers fees for any coverage that you request from us.

We charge:

$100 for a write-up

$150 for a review


A writeup is a 500-700 word article that tells readers what your product is, what it can do, and how much it costs. This will include your website but not a link, which could be seen as spam by Google. The price is $100, paid upfront, and your article will be online within 5 days of payment.

Check some of our write-ups here to see what you get:


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Reviews are longer, and take a great deal more time to research. In order to write a review, we require a copy of your product or a fully working trial. In the case of gadgets, that means shipping one to a reviewer and waiting for it. If you want it back then we do ask you to pay return shipping. Reviews include photos, an honest opinion, and sometimes video. The price is $150 upfront plus the item that we’re reviewing and any postage costs. The review will be online within ten days of us receiving payment through PayPal and the item.

Why the costs: A review takes an average of 8-12 hours of work testing and using the product in order to write a quality review. This works out to less than $10 per hour for the writer.

You can check some of our reviews here:




What You’re Not Paying For

We do not offer paid opinions. If you send us your product or service then we will write an honest review or writeup. If it sucks, we will say so. The currency of any technology based website is honesty and we are not willing to trade our reputation for a  few dollars. We won’t tell people your product is good if it is not.

You’re also not paying for a link. None of our reviews or writeups include hyperlinks.

What You Do Get

An honest, well written review that tells consumers exactly why they would want to purchase your product. We will talk about both the pros and cons of whatever you’ve asked us to cover, and give your consumers a good idea of what it’s worth. If you have a great product then you already know that will help drive sales.

Your write up or review will also be shared by us socially on our social accounts, including Facebook and Twitter, and we hope you’ll do the same.

Finally, you will also get one round of suggested edits and inclusions. We reserve the right to use our own judgement when implementing them. We charge $5 per additional edit.

What We Review

If you have a screwdriver then we obviously wont’ be interested in reviewing it unless it also has a flashlight in it. We review technology based items including apps, software, gadgets, mobile phones, accessories, etc.

Want a Guest Blog?

We understand that many writers make a living promoting specific websites and adding in links for guest blogging. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily good for our site. Not only do most guest bloggers fail to familiarize themselves with our content, they also fail to write something relevant, or even to the quality standards of the page. For that reason, we are no longer doing guest blogs unless the author commits to writing 3 or more posts in advance of publishing, create an author bio on the site, and publish all three. These posts are subject to quality control, and will be denied for publication if they do not meet our theme, quality, or content guidelines. We publish topics on science, tech news, technology events and conventions, the latest tech gadgets, DIY, How-to’s, games, mobile phones, apps, etc. A post that is intended to promote a product or service will be turned down. You can find more of our criteria here for our Guest Bloggers.

We Also Do Sponsored Posts

These posts are like guest blogs and are focused on a topic of your choice, but will be written by one of our in-house writers. We typically charge a flat rate of $200 per sponsored post. We reserve the right to charge more based on the individual content and post requirements. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Contact us at [email protected] to get started.