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Ad Block – The Browser Extension for Hiding All Ads


Ad Block – The Browser Extension for Hiding All Ads Ad Block is a browser extension that does just what the name says it does. It blocks ads. While that explanation is simple enough for many of us to immediately go and install it in whichever browser we happen to be using, there ...

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What is EMS Sensitivity?


What is EMS Sensitivity? EMS Sensitivity or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is an idiopathic condition where the patient is sensitive to and suffers reactions from electronic signals and electromagnetic radiation at abnormal levels. In plain English, EMS sensitive people get sick when they are around normal electronic devices, and doctors don’t know why. ...

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How Does an Airfryer Work?


How Does an Airfryer Work? If you pay attention to the world of cooking gadgets then you have almost certainly seen the rash of gadgets known as air fryers hitting the market in the last few years. While originally these gadgets cost somewhere around $500, the technology is not affordable, and decent ...

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A Simple Guide to Gaming Mice


A Simple Guide to Gaming Mice Buying gaming gear can be a hassle, especially if you’re not sure what various things like DPI and G acceleration actually mean. The following includes a simple guide to gaming mice, how to choose one and offers some recommendations based on your needs. What is a ...

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Coffee and Your Brain – Chemicals at Work


Coffee and Your Brain – Chemicals at Work Most of us have no compunctions about downing one to ten cups of the dark steeped drink we know as coffee. Java, Coffee, Joe, whatever it’s called, we drink a lot of it. In fact, Americans drink some 587 million cups of coffee per day, ...

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Power Up 3.0 – A Smart Paper Airplane that Teaches STEM


Power Up 3.0 – A Smart Paper Airplane that Teaches STEM Most of us have built paper airplanes, and depending on their age, your kids may have as well. Unfortunately, with the vast amount of technology and color popping distracting apps on the market for kids today, they might not be interested ...

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Withings Aura Sleep Tracker


Withings Aura Sleep Tracker The Withings Aura promises to track and monitor your sleep in order to help you improve your sleep schedule, rest and health. Unlike many wrist sleep trackers, the Aura monitors your room, your respiratory rate, body movement and heart rate to give you actual accurate sleep data, rather than ...

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The Top 5 Tablets for Business Environments


The Top 5 Tablets for Business Environments Tablet computers have become all the rage. In fact, they’re becoming increasingly used in many capacities that would have been unheard of in recent years. Pilots use them to chart courses and figure out airspeeds and fuel consumption. Teachers use them in the ...

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