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Does Norton Slow Your Computer?


Does Norton Slow Your Computer? If you’ve recently started using Norton Antivirus or begun using your computer more often with Norton installed, you might notice some lag. While Norton hogs significantly less in terms of system resources than it used to, it still uses a lot. If you think Norton ...

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A Quick Look at Deadpool for the New Fan

Deadpool Image

A Quick Look at Deadpool for the New Fan With the new Deadpool movie coming out on February 12th of 2016, you might want to know more about him. Whether you’ve read a few of his comics and want to know more, or just like the movie preview and want to brush ...

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How to Use Credit Card Reward Programs to YOUR Advantage

use your credit card online safely

How to Use Credit Cards and Same as Cash Financing to YOUR Advantage With a tough economy over the past few years, many have had to rely on their credit cards or financing to get by, something which has unfortunately put many American’s in debt. However, it’s had the opposite affect on banks and ...

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How To Fully Uninstall Mac Programs

OSX Mavericks

How To Fully Uninstall Mac Programs If you have an OSX/Mac computer then you probably know how easy it is to uninstall programs. Simply dragging and dropping a file to the trash bin is all it takes with most programs, and that’s about as easy as it gets on any ...

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5 Backup Drives for Mac OSX for $150 or less.

Best External Drives for Under $200

5 Backup Drives for Mac OSX for $150 or less. Backing up your Mac is important if you want to protect your data, move your data between computers, or keep your photos and videos off of a newer Mac without trusting everything to the cloud. Because backup drives can be quite expensive, ...

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6 Celebrities Who Might Motivate You to Get Your Degree


  6 Celebrities Who Make Intelligent Role Models Celebrities are everywhere. In fact, America’s obsession with celebrity culture often takes this a bit too far, especially when it comes to reality TV and pop stars. Despite that, some celebrities are actually worth the attention we give them. In fact, some of ...

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Top 6 Free Online Games of 2015

online games keyboard

The Top 6 Free Online Games of 2015 2015 has brought us some amazing online games!  It certainly has been a year of innovation so far and with the online gaming industry getting so competitive – and with action games, puzzle games, shooting games, sports games and so many others ...

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