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Zynga Facebook Games Top 5

Top 5 Zynga Facebook Games

 If you use a social networking website such as Facebook, then you have probably gotten one or two game requests from friends. Most of the popular Facebook games are from the social network gaming company Zynga. This particular company was founded in April of 2007 by Mark Pincus. At that time the name of the company was Presidio Media. In July of that same year, the title was changed to Zynga and soon after that Zynga Facebook games appeared.

There are a large variety of games to choose from, which range from word games, to games that require you to build and maintain a farm. Zynga games don’t only provide entertainment, it allows for social interaction as well. All of the games are socially friendly, whether it is from chatting while playing, to sending friends gifts to help them achieve their goals. Zynga also owns the makers of popular game Draw Something, OMGPOP. Some of the most played games of today are from the makers of Zynga.

One of the Most Popular Zynga Facebook Games Ever: Farmville

One of the first games that we were shown was Farmville. This is a game that was said to have a 60:1 ratio between game players and actual real life farmers. This was stated in the New York Times in 2009. Many people have addictions to this game, and it became such a problem that Dr. Phil featured it on his television talk show. So, what makes this game so addicting? Farmville is made with a family friendly setting.

There are frequent additions to the game, which helps keep users interested. You can grow your farm, and there are always game goals that you can try to achieve. One set back to playing Farmville is you will need a lot of friends to really keep the game going. This may not be an option for some users, unless they add complete strangers. It is a social game, and users can see how it can be addictive. Farmville was its most popular game ever, but it’s now been surpassed by one of their other new ‘ville’ games, which is Cityville.

Another Zynga Facebook Game Fan Favorite: Words With Friends

A fun and interesting word game is Words With Friends. This is a multi-player platform that resembles Scrabble. Zynga released this game in 2009, and can be played on multiple platforms which include Facebook, iPad and cell phones that support the application. Users can play up to 20 games at a time, and the objective is to build words in a crossword type fashion. This Zynga Facebook game is not played in real time.

One user takes their turn and sends it off to the other user, who will then play when they have the time to do so. Words With Friends is another one of Zynga’s most popular games, which has celebrity followers such as John Mayer, Alec Baldwin and Eliza Dushku. The pros for this game include a chat function and a nice looking game face. The cons are that it can be glitchy, and if you are using the free version, you will have to deal with imposing ad screens.

New But Already Loved Zynga Facebook Game: Bubble Safari

Bubble Safari is one of the newest games that is available through Zynga. It is a jungle themed set up that allows friends on Facebook to be social by sending bubbles to each other to help with challenges. You play as a chimpanzee who is set on revenge against poachers. You will go through levels, bursting bubbles. You gain coins, which can be used in the Power Up store to gain access to special power ups to be used in the game. There is one con that is mentioned so far, and that is Zynga tries to con you into sending gifts and invites to friends who don’t even play. It has become a favorite Zynga Facebook game, especially amongst friends.

Farmville With Castles: Castleville

Zynga’s Dallas studio released Castleville in late 2011. It is very similar to Farmville with the structure and game play. Users can travel back in time to a land that had castles and maidens. Like most Zynga games, Castleville is free to use on different platforms, but users have the option of purchasing products to enhance their gaming experience. The cons for this game are energy runs out very quickly, and it is hard to get far in the game without a lot of friends to help out along the way.

More Fun With Friends on More Than Just Facebook: Draw Something

From Zynga’s company OMGPOP comes the extremely likable and interactive game Draw Something. It can be played on many different platforms which include the Kindle Fire and Android cell phones. This is a two player game where each player takes turns drawing a picture from a chosen keyword and then guessing what their opponent has drawn. Players will be awarded 1-3 coins for each “Drawsome” guess. These coins can be used for bombs to use during play or more colors. So far, users have not had many negative comments to say about this game. On the rare occasion that Draw Something is not working, users can just wait a little while and then log in again.

Zynga is always looking for new ways to make their users gaming experience that much better. They have a very helpful customer support staff and there are many games to choose from. There is something for everybody with Zynga Facebook Games.

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