Is Yes Movies Safe and Legit – A Review of the Free Online Streaming Site

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Is Yes Movies Safe and Legit – A Review of the Free Online Streaming Site

Is Yes Movies Safe and Legit – A Review of the Free Online Streaming Site

Yes Movies or Yes!Movies is a popular new free movie streaming site that offers a range of indie, B-movie, old, and brand new films for streaming. While it has recently risen into popularity, many users are concerned about whether or not Yes Movies is safe and legal to use. This is a valid concern for many users, as you can be actively prosecuted for illegally streaming and downloading movies.

Almost all legal free movie sites either stream indie movies or pay for licensing using advertising, or have a combination of the two. In most cases, you can look for red flags like newly released movies, cam rips, and content with brand logos from premium streaming sites as indicators that the site is not safe or legal.

Is Yes! Movies Safe?

Yes! Movies is a free movie streaming site that offers movies, television shows, and other content seemingly free of charge. However, their content is not legally licensed or paid for for.  The site streams illegally distributed and pirated movies including cam rips, pirated films, and otherwise stolen media. Watching movies on Yes Movies can result in legal issues because streaming movies illegally is the same as downloading them via torrent.

Cam Rips – YesMovies offers cam rips, which are illegal to record and to distribute. While there is little risk for viewers, the MPAA has sued individuals in the past. Disney also sues individuals, so you may face litigation for watching cam-rip content through the site.

Netflix and Amazon Pirated Content – Yes Movies pirates and streams content from subscription media sites including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. This is illegal and the sites which own the content could potentially have the right to legally prosecute you for watching it.

Indie and B Movies – Yes! Movies streams some indie movies as well as some movies which were not commercially successful. In some cases these movies are not licensed and are legal to watch.

Potential Pornographic Content – The website has been associated with pornographic content in the past. While they do not currently list any pornographic content on the site, this could change.

New Site – The YesMovies site was registered and launched on January 31, 2016. The site was launchd to replace MovieFlix when MovieFlix was taken down and is most likely a continuation of the same site by the same owners. MovieFlix was illegally hosting content and charging $9.99 per month for streaming, and was shut down for violating copyright regulations.

Browser Add-On – YesMovies offers a browser add-on through MuckyDuck which is available on Best for Kodi. The add-on allows you to access all of Yes! Movies content right from your browser.

The High Tech Society recommends that you avoid the Yes Movies site and do not sign up for an account. While Yes Movies allows you to request movies and get alerts for new content, sites like this one often unscrupulously sell personal data and email addresses from their users to make a profit. If you have signed up for an account, we highly recommend that you take the time to change all passwords associated with the email you used to prevent potential hacks.

If you are looking for safe and legal free movie streaming sites, visit our list of the top 7 free and legal movie streaming sites to check out your options.

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