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The XVIDA Charger

XVIDA Smartphone Charger

Most of us have atleast one cell phone charger or mount. In my case, I have a boxed collection of car mounts with ‘sticky’ dashboard applicators and clamps. Every item in the collection has, at one point or another, failed at the basic task of holding a phone in place.

For the most part, we don’t expect much from phone mounts, simply because the ones we have don’t really perform all that well, but XVIDA is going out of its way to change that. The XVIDA phone mount works with iPhone or Android smartphones and offers two very important things, magnetic mounting and QI wireless charging.

XVIDA Details

XVIDA Mounts

The XVIDA Mount is available in several purpose-built models, all of which are based around a click-and-go design with no plugs.

  • XVIDA Home – Mounts to your wall, letting you magnetically snap your cell phone on the wall to charge.
  • XVIDA Office – Ultra modern aluminum stand keeps your phoned positioned for use while charging.
  • XVIDA Car – Ventilation, dashboard, or suction cup mount for snap-in-place charging in your car, while keeping the phone positioned for navigation, texting (please don’t while driving), or hands-free calls.
XVIDA Home Charger

XVIDA Office Charger

XVIDA Car Charger

Magnetic Mounting

The first time I used a magnetic mount, it felt a little strange. I have always used a clip-on mount where there was a satisfying click then the phone was secure. When charging, I just expect to fiddle with an irritating little charging cable that I always try to put in upside down the first time.

The nice thing about the XVida, or any sufficiently well designed technology is that it just works. Put the phone close to the mount and let go, and the phone will snap in to place by itself and begin charging wirelessly.

The XVida is convenient enough that it would be a noticeable irritation to go back to mounting or charging my smartphone the old way. Yes, I am that lazy.

Magnet Concerns

Most people with any technical knowledge know to keep magnets away from computers because of the risk of damage or data loss. It is easy to assume that that risk applies to smartphones too, but it does not.

Smartphone and tablets do not use traditional hard drives, which are sensitive to magnets. In a computer, you have a big magnetically sensitive disk spinning around and an outside magnetic field put very close could erase your files. Fortunately, smartphones use solid state storage, which is good because they would be toast the first time they got dropped if they used traditional hard drives.

The solid-state storage in smartphones is not affected by setting it on a magnet. To actually harm the data, you would have to use a very strong laboratory strength degausser, which is a far cry from a mounting magnet.

Wireless Charging

XVIDA uses Qi Wireless Charging, which is based on a fairly revolutionary open standard for wireless power transfer. In English, that means that every major manufacturer is on the same page with the idea and that it will still work when the iPhone 20 comes out.

They are doing this with 2 very small induction coils. The details are fascinating, but this review isn’t the place for them. Suffice it to say, it works.

Each model features Qi charging with a single coil positioned in the middle of the mount. Most people that have experience with wireless charging know that it can be irritating trying to position your phone exactly over the small charging area. The XVIDA’s magnetic mounting system automatically adjusts your phone and locks it into place, so that it charges properly every time. You just have to get your phone close, and the magnets do the rest.

XVIDA Charging

Charging Speed

XVIDA wireless chargers use Texas Instruments chips which allow them to charge at 0.970A through wireless conduction. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, Texas Instruments is generally known for high-end chips, and these particular chips let you charge your phone at about twice the speed of current Qi chargers. As it happens, that equates to almost the maximum charging speed of an iPhone that is plugged into a wall socket. In the real world, it will charge your phone just as quickly as the cable that came with your iPhone.

XVIDA Comparison

Because the cases are based on the Qi Wireless Charging standard, the cases will also work with other wireless charging technologies like the Ikea wireless charging furniture.

XVIDA’s History

XVIDA is an American smartphone case and wireless charger company with manufacturing facilities in Europe. XVIDA made it through 3 successful rounds of crowdfunding at IndieGogo and proceeded to refine multiple generations of their high-end chargers.


Quite frankly, we love these chargers. They work well, they are convenient, and the design is sexy enough that it makes you want to slap Apple for not coming up with it themselves. In our tests, we found no negatives. XVIDA focuses on the most modern phones and the sleekest designs, and their products are now available on Amazon.

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