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World of Warcraft Character Guide to Help You Choose Your WOW Character!


Choosing a World of Warcraft Character

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World of Warcraft is a game of full of fantasy and adventure. The game allows you to go on quests, fight in battlegrounds, arenas, and dungeons, combat against other players, and even learn various professions. To play the game however, you must first create a World of Warcraft character.

First Step in Choosing a World of Warcraft Character: Choose Your Side and Your Race

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World of Warcraft has two major factions that include Alliance and Horde. While some may believe that the Alliance is good and Horde are bad, that is not necessarily true. Both factions are fighting for what they believe is right. Here is little bit about each race to help you decide what World of Warcraft character race you will have.

Six Alliance Races

Humans: The human race specializes in certain weapons such as swords and maces. They also have the “Every Man for Himself” allowing them to escape from speed altering and trap effects. As a World of Warcraft character, humans are also considered trustworthy among the other races.

Dwarf: Dwarfs come with special race traits that involve gun and mace specialization. They also have a natural resistance to frost damage. Dwarfs also have the ability to turn to living stone while in battle. This allows them to be resistant to poison and diseases, which is a good thing to have in your World of Warcraft Character.

Gnome: The Gnome is a very small World of Warcraft character that is known for being an escape artist. They are known to be brilliant and specialize in engineering. Gnomes also have the ability to resist arcane magic.

Night Elf: A Night Elf has a certain quickness to them that can keep them from getting hit by ranged attacks. They also have Shadowmeld which allows them to become invisible to hide from their attacker. This WOW character is also resistant to nature magic.

Draenei: The Draenei are a very strong race. They have a natural resistance to shadow magic. They also receive the Gift of the Naaru which allows them the ability to heal themselves during battle.

Worgen: The Worgen actually comes in two forms which are human and Worgen and it can switch back and forth between them. Aberration is a trait that Worgens have that reduces the duration of poisons and diseases. They also have the ability to drop on all four legs and run with incredible speed.

Six Horde Races

Troll: Trolls have the berserking trait allowing them to go into a frenzy, which then increases their attack. They specialize in bows and throwing weapons. Trolls have less chance of being affected by movement impairing effects and they also regenerate health during battle.

Orc: When Orcs become enraged their attack power increases. They specialize in both one and two handed axes. This World of Warcraft character also has the ability to recover from stun effects more quickly compared to other races.

Blood Elf: A Blood Elf is skilled when it comes to magic. They have the ability to silence enemy casters around them during battle and they have a resistance to magic spells.

Tauren: The Tauren has endurance during battle. They can perform a war stomp which shakes the ground stunning any enemies around them. They also have a natural resistance to nature damage.

Goblin: Goblins have rocket belts that allow them to jump short distances. They also can use rockets to shoot at enemies. They are the only race that is capable of having access to their bank despite their location. They also know how to get the best deal from any vendor.

Forsaken: This World of Warcraft character is called The Forsaken. They are undead humans who broke free from their master. The Forsaken replenish their health by eating dead bodies. They are resistant to shadow magic and also have the ability to rid themselves of charm, sleep, and fear effects.

Step 2 in Choosing Your World of Warcraft Character: Choosing Your Class


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Warrior: The Warrior is a class that can be played by all races. The warrior is normally the tank during a battle. They deal the most melee damage and can use almost any type of weapon including axes, swords, and maces. This World of Warcraft character wear’s mail and plate armor and can even carry a shield.Once you have chosen your World of Warcraft character’s race, you must then choose your class. Each class has a unique ability that gives them special powers they can use during battle. Each class is not available for each race. Depending on the race you choose, that determines which classes your World of Warcraft character can choose from.

Warlock: The Warlock can be played by all races except the Draenei, Night Elf, and Tauren. The Warlock deals ranged magic damage. They can call upon minions that can assist them during battle. Weapons this World of Warcraft character can wield include wands, swords, daggers, and staves. They wear cloth armor.

Priest: The Priest is used as a healer for not only himself but also any nearby allies. They provide defense and ranged magic damage. Weapons they can use include wands, daggers, maces, and staves. They can only wear cloth armor. This World of Warcraft character can be played by all races except for the Orc.

Shaman: The Shaman World of Warcraft character is also a healer. They deal both ranged and melee damage. They also carry different totems that they can drop on the ground right before battle to help them, whether it is to heal them or help them deal greater damage. Weapons they can use include maces, staves, axes, and daggers. They wear cloth and mail armor. Races that can be a Shaman include Draenei, Goblin, Tauren, Dwarf, Troll, and Orc.

Hunter: A Hunter deals ranged damage with bows, guns, and crossbows. They can also traps that can freeze, burn, and stun the enemy when approaching. Hunters also have the ability to tame animals to have as their companion and fight by their side. Melee weapons they use include swords and axes. They wear leather and mail armor. All races can be a Hunter except for the Gnome.

Druid: The Druid is a versatile World of Warcraft character. As they level, they receive the ability to convert in numerous animals such as a dire bear, an aquatic animal, a black cat, a cheetah, a healing tree, a Moonkin, and a hawk. Because they are able to play so many different World of Warcraft characters they can be used for different purposes such as a tank or healer. Weapons Druids can use are maces, polearms, staves, and daggers. Armor they can wear is cloth and leather. The Druid can only be played by the following World of Warcraft characters: Night Elf, Worgen, Tauren, and Troll.

Mage: A Mage specializes in spellcasting. They can deal arcane, fire, and frost magic to the enemy. They can even freeze them in place and transform the enemy into sheep form to keep from being attacked. A Mage has the ability to summon food and water as well as teleport. Weapons they can use include wands, daggers, swords, and staves. They wear cloth armor and can be played by every World of Warcraft character other than the Tauren.

Rogue: The Rogue has the power to stealth allowing them to move around unseen. This can keep them from getting attacked or when sneaking up on the enemy. They can apply poison to their weapons delivering deadly blows. Weapons that Rogues use are daggers, fist weapons, maces, and swords. The Rogue can be played by every World of Warcraft character other than the Draenai and Tauren.

Paladin: Paladins can be both tanks and healers. They have excellent defense and can heal themselves and allies during battle. They can even deal additional melee damage when using Holy Might. Paladins have blessings and seals that they can use on themselves and others to deliver more damage or to survive. Weapons they use include axes, maces, swords, and relics. They can wear mail, leather, plate, and shields. The Paladin is available for only Draenei, Dwarf, Human, Blood Elf, and Tauren races.

Death Knight: The Death Knight is a World of Warcraft character that is not available until you have another WOW character at level 55. They can be used as tanks or for melee damage. The Death Knight delivers dark magic and diseases to the enemy. They can even command the dead to raise and fight alongside with them during battle. They wear heavy plate armor and use axes, maces, and swords. The Death Knight is available for all races.

Time to Start Playing with Your World of Warcraft Character!

Now that you know what races and classes are available, you can create your own unique WOW character. You can adjust their skin color, hair color, hairstyle, and so much more. Go create your World of Warcraft character and most importantly, just have fun!

If you would like to know more about how to create your World of Warcraft character, continue on to this next article about how to choose your World of Warcraft character’s profession.