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WOW Armory Guide: What is the WOW Armory and What Can It Do for You?


world of warcraft armory wow armoryWOW Armory Guide: What is the WOW Armory and What Can It Do for You?

The WOW Armory is a searchable database designed for the World of Warcraft game. It is a place where you can search for any type of information about the game. Items you can search for include armor, weapons, characters, guilds, and more. Information is taken from real servers providing up to date information every time. The WOW Armory requires Flash Player and is supported by Internet Explorer versions 6.0 and up, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera 9. You log in by using your World of Warcraft information which is your E-mail address and your World of Warcraft password.

How to use the WOW Armory?

Under the search bar in the WOW Armory are the words Items, Arena, Info, and Tools. By choosing one, it narrows your search down to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Items– The Items category features information on weapons, armor, gems, glyphs, miscellaneous items, and much more. You can search for an item to see what would benefit your character more. You can view different bags available, consumable items, recipes, and enchantments. You can also view different companion pets available as well as all the different mounts in the game.

Arena– The Arena category gives you information on the 2v2 ladder, 3v3 ladder, 5v5 ladder, arena tournaments, and battle groups.

Info– The Info category gives information on achievements, Armory updates, and Armory FAQs.

Tools– The Tools category gives you access to a talent calculator, arena calculator, pet talent calculator, and the browser search plug. The talent calculator allows you to calculate different talents for your character, allowing you to see which talent tree benefits your character more.

Using My Character on WOW Armory

After logging in to the WOW Armory, you can choose the “My Character” option to access your character. This will allow you to view all your characters in the game, their armor and weapons, their stats, and their talents. You can even change their talent tree without even having to log into the game.

Full Character Profiles– The WOW Armory app offers 3D view of characters, achievements, character stats, as well as the ability to view activity feed. You can even view other player’s characters, comparing armor, weapons, and stats. Click on the search function on the top right and enter a character’s name along with the realm they are in, to view that character’s information including their talent tree.

WOW Mobile Armory

The WOW Mobile Armory is an app that is available to download for free. It can be downloaded from Google Play for Android devices and from iTunes for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. The WOW Mobile Armory allows you to access your characters, items, look up gear, change talent specs, browse the auction house, and search the database from anywhere on your phone or iPod. This is great to have when you need to check information within the game and do not have access to a computer.

World of Warcraft Remote

World of Warcraft Remote is a paid subscriptions service that costs $2.99 for every 30 days. You can also use a pre-paid WOW subscription card, some of them will also save you money on the monthly service. The WOW Remote service gives you more access to items in the auction house and your guild compared to just the free app.

Remote Auction House– With the WOW remote service you can access the auction house with any of your characters regardless if they are in a major city or near an auction house. You are able to bid, buy, and sell items with ease. You can create auctions and even compare prices with competitors. You also get the one-click feature where with only one click you can claim all the gold you have earned from selling items in the auction house. You can also use the service to keep track of all your auctions and get back money and items for unsold auction items.

Remote Guild Access– Another great feature of the WOW Remote subscriptions is the ability to chat in real life time with your guild. You can easily see who is online and chat with the guild or chat one-on-one. This is great because you can actually plan battleground times and other events in advance.

Convenience– The WOW Remote service gives you combined access to your bags, mailbox, and bank slots, eliminating the need to run back and forth from the auction house to the mailbox. You can move around items quickly and easily.

The WOW Armory, as well as the World of Warcraft Remote subscription service, gives you complete access to your character, as well as many other valuable and time-saving features. Being a World of Warcraft player means making sure that you have your character well-geared, as well as participate in battlegrounds, arenas, and dungeons.

You also need to earn money to save up for important items such as armor, gear, and mounts.The World of Warcraft Remote subscription service allows you to do just that by giving you the ability to earn money, make plans with your guild, and keep up to date with World of Warcraft information, without ever having to log into the game easily from your computer or mobile device. The free WOW Armory is a must-have free app for any World of Warcraft player.

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