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World of Warcraft Professions Guide ~ Choose A Profession Perfect For Your WOW Character!!


World of Warcraft Professions Guide

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World of Warcraft professions consist of gathering, making items, or simply enhancing them. You can only get two primary professions for your character, so choose wisely. Secondary World of Warcraft professions are professions that you can choose to be trained in all of them or just a few of them. The levels of the World of Warcraft professions include Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Artisan, Master, and Grand Master. You can be trained by a professional trainer in almost every major city for a small cost.

The gathering professions consist of skinning, mining, and herbalism. The items you receive in your gathering professions are the same items that can be used in the other World of Warcraft professions that require you to make or enhance items. World of Warcraft professions are a great way to create items for your World of Warcraft characters, but are also a great way to make a profit when sold in the auction house.

Three Gathering Primary World of Warcraft Professions

Skinning: Skinning is a World of Warcraft profession that allows you to skin an animal after you have killed and looted it. It requires you to purchase a skinning knife and you are able to get items such as leather, hide, and scales. The materials you get from skinning are used by leatherworkers and can also be sold in the auction house.

Herbalism: Herbalism is the harvesting and picking of flowers. These flowers can be sold in bundles in the auction house or can be used for professions such as alchemy and inscription.

Mining: Mining requires you to purchase a mining pick. On your map, you will see deposits where you can mine. You will be able to get items such as ore, minerals, gems, and stones. With mining, you will also get the power to smelt. This allows you to make ore into bars that can be used in blacksmithing and engineering. They can also be sold in the auction house.

Eight Primary World of Warcraft Professions

Alchemy: Alchemy is a World of Warcraft profession that allows you to make various potions, elixirs, and oils. They require the herbs from herbalism. The potions can be used to increase stamina, health, and magic for a short time. You can keep the potions for yourself to use or sell them in the auction house.

Inscription: Inscription is a World of Warcraft profession in which you make glyphs and scrolls. Each character gets a certain amount of glyphs slots that can be filled with your choice of glyphs. Glyphs are spells and ability enhancements. They require different materials that also include herbs that can be milled down to make pigments.

Blacksmithing: Blacksmithing is a World of Warcraft profession that allows you to create various weapons, along with mail and plate armor. Blacksmiths can also make stones that can buff weapons giving them more strength and power. Blacksmithing uses stones that come from mining.

Engineering: Engineering is a WOW profession in which you can make various unique devices that include guns, trinkets, explosives, and even mechanical pets. The only downfall is that most of the items can only be used by the engineer. It is not considered a very profitable profession, but it can be a fun one.

Jewelcrafting: Jewelcrafting is a WOW profession in which you can make rings, necklaces, headpieces, and trinket items. They can also create power gems that can be added to armor and weapons, enhancing their power. With jewelcrafting, you also get the ability to prospect. You can prospect minerals from raw ore that comes from mining, to get raw and uncut gems.

Enchanting: Enchanting allows you to extract essences, dust, and shards that can be used to enchant items. You can also make oils that can be used to buff up weapons. This World of Warcraft profession can cost more money when starting out, because you need to buy the items that need to be enchanted in order to level up in the profession. Once you do get it going however, it can be a very profitable profession.

Leatherworking: Leatherworking uses hides from skinning to make leather armor, mail armor, and armor kits. You can also make various bags to equip or to sell in the auction house.

Tailoring: Tailoring is a World of Warcraft profession in which you sew cloth items that you have picked up during looting. You can make items such as cloth armor, bags, and even weave cloth into bolts. A tailor can make magical thread that can enhance items they are applied to.

Four Secondary World of Warcraft Professions

Cooking: Cooking is a World of Warcraft profession that uses recipes to create food items. They can usually give you a buff or certain abilities for a short time. There are also cooking quests you can pick up and after completing them, you can unlock new recipes and receive awards. In order to cook, you must build a campfire.

First Aid: First Aid is a World of Warcraft profession that is ideal for players that do not have the magical ability to heal themselves. You create bandages to heal yourself or rid yourself of poisons. You can also use bandages to heal allies around you.

Fishing: To fish, you must purchase a fishing pole. You can fish in almost any body of water, providing that it is deep enough, from lakes, rivers, and oceans. You can also use lures to apply to your fishing pole as you level. If you have the cooking skill, you can cook the fish you get eliminating the need to purchase food. When starting off fishing, you may pick up many gray items that can be sold to a vendor, but as you level, you have more of a chance to pick up better items such as treasure.

Archaeology: Archaeology is a World of Warcraft profession in which you gather up artifacts. On your map, you will see areas that are marked telling you where you are allowed to dig. You can pick up tons of unique items from armor, weapons, mounts, and even pets.

Choosing the Right World of Warcraft Profession for Your Character

Many people choose a World of Warcraft profession that will benefit their character. Such as a Warlock or a Mage may choose tailoring because they can make their own cloth armor without having to purchase it. Just like a Warrior may choose blacksmithing, in order to create his own axes and swords. Here is a list of some Word of Warcraft professions that are compatible with each other.

Alchemy – Herbalism

Inscription – Herbalism

Blacksmithing – Mining

Engineering – Mining

Jewelcrafting – Mining

Leatherworking – Skinning

Tailoring – Enchanting

Some people do prefer to concentrate on only gathering World of Warcraft professions. That way they can just sell items and make a profit out of them. If for any reason you decide you do not like a profession, you can go to your trainer and click un-train. You will lose that WOW profession and any knowledge that comes along with it. If for some reason you do decide you want that profession back, you will have to start as an apprentice again.

Hopefully, this list will help you decide which World of Warcraft professions would be ideal for you and your character. Some World of Warcraft professions can be really fun to level up in creating items for your character or finding rare and unique treasures. You can also level up when looting, as you can occasionally find recipes for your World of Warcraft professions that can help level you up. Have you got any tips for choosing World of Warcraft professions? If you do, please feel free to leave them in the comment box.

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