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World of Warcraft Hotkeys – WoW Help


World of Warcraft Hotkeys

If you’re looking for World of Warcraft help, you’ve come to the right place. The following guide includes all of the WoW hotkeys I know, as well as a small amount of information on setting up key binding, and using your hotekys. You can also ask any help questions you might have in the comments below and we’ll get back to you with an answer. Ready to see the World of Warcraft Hotkeys, let’s get started.

Basic Movement Chart

Moving around can be a challenge sometimes but this basic movement hotkey chart should get you started on learning the basics. If you are already familiar with all of this info, just skip it and move on to the next chart. Most players recommend that if at all possible, you should try using your mouse to move around instead of the keys. There are a lot of reasons why but most of them boil down to the fact that it’s eventually easier to turn and maneuver with a mouse.

World of Warcraft hotkeys

Basic World of Warcraft Hotkeys

These basic WoW hotkeys are generally what you need to get started. You can learn most of these by clicking on things and just reading the instructions, but this guide is a little bit of a faster way to reference and memorize them. If you have a little bit of trouble memorizing which hotkeys are which at first, don’t worry, you’ll definitely get the hang of it after a few times playing.

World of Warcraft hotkeys

Some of these hotkeys do require special circumstances, for example; the talents key is not available for anyone under Level 10. The Pets spellbook obviously requires a pet as well, but that’s another guide. You can usually learn this very basic hotkey chart quite quickly and then use it to get around your menu bar more quickly.

Fighting and Combat Hotkeys

In the thick of a battle, a hotkey can be the difference between a spell or action too slow to save your life, and a victory. Hotkeys are the easiest way to fight in WoW, so make sure you learn a couple of them. Here are a few basic fighting and combat hotkeys in WoW. As a note you can also use keys F1 through F5 to select group or party members, although F1 is always you.

World of Warcraft Hotkeys

How to use Key Binding in WoW

You probably know about key binding but I am going to go into it very briefly. Each spell can be set to a bound key so that you can use the key to cast the spell. World of Warcraft has its own Key binding application so you can also set up your own hotkeys (a lot of people change around the ones they already have). The number keys are the easiest to set as spells, but you can also use other keys and move your settings around until you have something you are comfortable with.

To use key binding in WoW

  1. Type /bindpad or /bp
  2. Open Your Spells/Bag/MacroPanel (P, B, and /macro
  3. Press Shift +Left Click to Drag Locked items onto the Bindpad
  4. Click Item
  5. Press a Key to Bind
  6. Repeat As Necessary

Developing a Personal Hotkey and Control Strategy

Your WoW strategy will determine how you use hotkeys. Some players hardly ever use them while others are completely bound to the keyboard. For the most part, a keyboard and mouse strategy is usually the most effective although not everyone is equipped with a mouse. You can use the hotkeys to target spells, move around, select enemies, and more. Usually you should work on a personal strategy based on your ease of use and comfort with the keyboard, and whether or not you’re using a mouse. Anyone who has a mouse should learn to use the two click method for moving and turning, but hotkeys are still great for casting spells and performing actions.

Want more World of Warcraft help? Come back weekly for more how-to’s and tips, or ask one of our WoW players a question in the comments.