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Woowave Dreamsync Review, Is Dreamsync Pro Worth a Pro Price?


Woowave Dreamsync Review, Is Dreamsync Pro Worth a Pro Price?

If you’re a videographer, being able to sync multiple audio and  video files with just a few clicks of your mouse would certainly be of enormous benefit, wouldn’t it? This is what a product called Dreamsync by Woowave was created to do.  The makers of this program compare it to another existing product that also can sync audio and video files called, PluralEyes. However, the creators of Dreamsync say that their software is better and less expensive and therefore a better buy for you. We tested the software to find out how well it performed so you can determine if it is indeed the right one for you.

We downloaded the Pro version of Woowave Dreamsync to test the software out. We have two video reviews up of our test and you can watch them below. In the first video you will see our usage of Dreamsync, and the second shows us using two videos files  in iMovie to create two different viewpoints on our own.

Downloading the program is quick and easy and we installed the Mac version to use with our iMovie software. For this review we used two iPhones to create two videos from two separate angles, with audio, so that we could then use the Dreamsync program to see how well it would indeed sync these files.

First Video below (Shows how Dreamsync works, and shows issues we had with the software)

In our first video we show you how to take these files and input them into Dreamsync and complete the sync process. If you have a Mac and are using Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro the process is very simple.  If you’re using Quicktime files for iMovie or Youtube however, this process is done differently as we show in our video and is a bit more confusing.

As we said earlier, for the test video we made two different videos. The first one we recorded of our car, a Dodge Charger and the other video we made was that of a Vimtag security camera that we are also reviewing. As you will see in our first video review, we could not get the Charger / car video to prepare or sync, meaning we were unable to further edit or export it.

Second Video below  (Dodge Charger recorded from two different iPhones, videos then combined in iMovie. Videos would not sync in Dreamsync software)

Using the shorter videos of the security camera, we were able to edit the file within Dreamsync and create a new Quicktime video with both angles used and one audio file. Exporting was done through the Track / Export button which created individual files for uploading to iMovie. 

dreamsync process

Screenshot of how easy it is if the software works, to sync two videos in Dreamsync.

You can see how it is quicker in video one where we drag and drop the two files into DreamSync and with a few clicks the video is done. Compare that to how we import the files to iMovie (where we imported the Charger / car video) and it indeed takes a little longer to create a video with multiple viewpoints, however, we had to do it in iMovie with the longer footage as we could not get it to sync in Dreamsync. You can see this in both video one and video two.  This process in iMovie took about 5 minutes.

So, does Dreamsync work? It appears to work for certain files, and for others we had definite problems. At times the program crashed, and at other times it would just stop altogether and we would have to restart it. It was able to make the video with just a few clicks and a few minutes of time when using the 12 MB files (the video of the security camera), but when we tried to prepare and sync the video that was 44MB (the car video) it would stall out and not complete. We converted the .MOV files to .MP4 files to see if this would solve the issue, but it did not.

woowave software crash

Is it worth the $199 price of the Pro version of Woowave Dreamsync software? Since we experienced some bugs and quite a few troublesome issues, for us it’s not worth it. For now we’ll stick to the old and not so difficult way of importing the footage to iMovie and dragging and dropping the clips where we want them. For the review we used the newest iMac, you can see our details in the screenshot below which shows our computer was more than adequate to run this program, so the quirks shouldn’t be on our end.

iMac about 27 inch 2015

Could we have done something else in error? Perhaps, and so we leave the value of the product up to you. We suggest you download and try the trial version before buying and that way you can ensure you won’t be having any issues.