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Wondershare Video Converter Review & Test


Wondershare Video Converter

If you’ve ever flown anywhere, or taken a really long trip via any other transportation, you know how quickly you can get bored. Sometimes there are in-flight movies offered, or some vehicles even have some DVD players in the back of the headrests for backseat passengers, but for times that isn’t so you may wish you had another alternative, and now you do. By using a video conversion program, like Wondershare Video Converter, you can convert your DVD, and other audio and video formats, into files that will play on your carry-able devices, such as your iPad, Kindle, even your PSP or smartphone.

wondershare video converter review

There are a few video converting programs on the market, and we will be reviewing them so that you can know which one will best work for you. This review is on the one earlier referenced, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. I am reviewing their Mac version, but they do have it available for Windows users as well.


What Wondershare Video Converter Does / Features:

wondershare converter ultimate

Wondershare Video Converter is a video conversion software program that can convert videos in almost any format into videos of almost any other format. Meaning for example that if you have a DVD of your family that you want to take with you to share with some loved ones on a trip, share with them on Facebook, YouTube, or other ways, you can do that with this program. You could also take a video off of the internet and convert it into something you could watch later on your iPad, or dozens of other devices that the software supports.

devices for conversion

Another thing that you can do with this program is to edit the video before you convert it. In their editing area you can do more than just trim or clip some of the video out, you can also add things like subtitles, watermarks, and even some little special effects. Some of the things that you can do with their editing software I took screenshots of and you can see them below. You can add bubbles, mirror images, crop, make it black and white or old movie style, and quite a bit more.

editing choices

black and white editing

Edited to show in black and white, as well as a mirror effect (see next image). Image of Sean & Katie Carver. Not reprinting or publishing without permission.


mirror imaging editing

Edited to show mirror image (see above image). Image of Sean & Katie Carver. Not reprinting or publishing without permission.


These were each easy to do and easy to undo, I didn’t need any guide to help me figure it out as the buttons are pretty self explanatory. However, if one does want a guide to get a bit more know how on what they’re doing, there is one available on their site.

bubbles for editing

Added bubbles!


You can add a watermark that you can make darker or lighter depending on which you prefer.

Wondershare Video Converter Test

logo wondershare video


The users interface of this program is laid out in a way that is easy to understand, even if you’re not very tech savvy. There are three buttons at the top that are labeled with: Convert, Burn, and Download. That makes it pretty self explanatory on which to push for which function you wish to use.

three top buttons

Then you can see at the bottom of the window pane tabs for: Devices, Editing, HD & 3D, Web Sharing, Video, Audio. Again, easy to figure out that if you want to convert a video you click on Convert, and then choose your Device from the list of devices in the pane. Each device has an image with it, making them quickly identifiable as to what you are looking for. This is the same as well for the other tabbed areas.

tabs for conversions

To start the conversion process you just click on the little swirly arrowed wheel on the bottom right and off it goes. If you want to edit it first, that’s also easy to see as it’s right up top in the box that has the video that’s ready to convert. You click on ‘Edit’ and off you go. Each of the others are again, just as easy. Want to share the video on Facebook? Click ‘Web Sharing’ and ‘Facebook’ and then the swirling arrows button and up it goes into Facebook land.

swirly icon that is go

For my test for the review of Wondershare’s video conversion program, I decided to begin with a DVD. Once you insert your DVD the program will show it in a side window on the right under ‘Disc Drive.’ You could also choose the video from other areas, for Mac that includes iMovie, iTunes, iPhoto, and Photo Booth. If you want to download the video, or audio, you can do so by pasting the URL into the media browser window, or you can click on ‘Download’ and find it that way.

speed test


As I said above, I decided to run the first test on converting a DVD, I put into my drive a family video that’s about 15 years old now. From the list of what to convert it into, I picked the iPad 2. The video was 47 minutes long, 2.3 GB in size, and it took about 16 minutes to convert it. While it did it’s thing I was able to work on other things, and even take some screenshots, so it wasn’t bogging my computer down at all, which is great if you’re a big multi-tasker like me.

all tasks done

For my second test, which was testing the ‘Download’ feature, I downloaded a random YouTube video and then converted it to play on Playstation. This video was 3.57 minutes long and took about 1.5 minutes to convert. Test three was to use the last of the three buttons up top, which was ‘Burn.’ Burning a disc was simple and also fast.

youtube video download

I haven’t used a lot of video conversion software programs lately, but compared to ones I have used in the past, this is indeed faster than any other ones I have used (which is something Wondershare promotes on their site in saying that their software is 30 x’s faster than other converters). So as for speed I do give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Conversion Results

I tried each of them after they were formatted to work on the other devices and each of them worked without issue. It’s easy to find your iPad video, just look in for the ‘Video’ icon and it will be in there if you have your iTunes on your computer synced with your iPad or other iOS device if you’re wanting to watch it on an iPhone or iPod.

editing video

Editing was just as simple, you click on ‘Edit’ before you convert the video and then you go about making any changes that you want. The results of the editing I did also came out great, and I’m definitely no expert when it comes to video editing so if you’re not either, don’t worry, you can do it pretty easily with this program.



There’s a lot more you can do with settings for just about everything, but you don’t have to let that scare you. I left everything at its default and it all worked fine. For an example of what you can change let’s take devices. With each device, you can set video and audio codec, resolution, bit or frame rate, but I found no reason to do that and left each on the default settings for the chosen device.

other features and options

If you are someone that’s highly knowledgeable in converting videos, you will likely love these additional options for customizing for each device. To see all of Wondershare’s Video Converter tech specs you can visit their site. It will tell you everything you need to know, including what formats you can convert from as well as what formats you can convert to.

Final Review

My final opinion of the Wondershare Video Converter is that it’s great. It’s worth the $59.95 (but you can also catch it on sale or find discount codes for it which makes it an even better deal). There’s a free trial you can try first, and they also offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so I found it worth trying for sure. I have a note to add now though, and that is that it’s no longer $59 for you, for our readers Wondershare emailed me a code to offer it to you for 50% off that price, meaning it’s only $29, so it’s definitely worth it! You can find the links below for the discounted offer.

As for what they say on their site (see images below), which is that it’s an easy to use video converter, and editor, that it’s 30 times faster than other converters, that it converts video into 158 different formats, downloads and captures web video with just a click, burns videos with ease, I have to say that I agree with each of their comments, with just one side note.

from their site wondershare video convereterfrom the wondershare site

The side note: The only thing we deducted a smidgen from the 5 stars total was on the ease of use. Although it was very easy to use, when I asked some others to try it they had to refer to the ‘how to’ guide to figure out how to use the program, something which is absolutely fine and even expected with such a program, but since it was not completely obvious on how to use it we did take away a small bit for the ‘easy’ part.

Just so you know, this review is not sponsored by Wondershareor any other company, nor were we in any other way compensated for our review of their product. My opinion, and any other opinions on this website, are 100% our own. If you disagree with our review, we always welcome your comments. Just because it worked well, or even poorly in some cases, for us, doesn’t mean you won’t have a different experience.

So please let us know if you try Wondershare Video Converter and what you think of it, especially what you use it for? Have a great story or idea on why you convert your videos to watch later on your iPad, Kindle or other device? Share it with us! For now you can try it for free by clicking on the image below.

We have a great relationship with this company so please check with us if you want to buy it, we may be able to get you a nice discount!