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Wolverine Review – Its Way Better than the First One


Wolverine Review – Its Way Better than the First One

When you think of X-Men, most of us think of Wolverine. As one of the star characters from Marvel’s film adaption of the X-Men, Wolverine stands out from the crowd of other superheroes, and has become almost inseperable from the actor who plays him. Now, Hugh Jackman is at it again, his ageless, clawed character is facing more danger, and this time with a love interest. Seeing as it’s Marvel… this can’t end well.

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Here is my review of the new Wolverine.

The Plot (no spoilers)

Wolverine starts out with a flashback, detailing Wolverine saving the life of a Japanese officer during World War II, as the Enola Gay drops the Little Boy nuke on Japan. Then, the scene cuts to Wolverine living alone in the woods, away from people, where he is approached and asked to come to Japan by representatives of the man he saved, who is now old and dying. (All of this can be see in the trailer). He goes to Tokyo, where he quickly becomes embroiled in a plot that somehow manages to introduce ninja’s, a very new and different version of Madame Hydra as a Viper with a little more in the way of superpowers than her comic character ever was. However, Russian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova does a fabulous job playing her part, although perhaps the green pants are the most memorable part of her character. There is also a scene where she actually removes her gloves three times (editing error!) which kind of sucks.

Viper nuetralizes Wolverine’s power, and he goes through most of the movie without the ability to heal, but ends up gaining it back by the end of the movie. He also gets a new, albeit clumsy, new love interest, and there are plenty of plot twists like adamantine swords and even a robot!

The Good

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Hugh Jackman makes an excellent Wolverine. He’s big, he’s bad, he’s surly, and he doesn’t need witty banter to make a good movie. Wolverine is a fantastic combination of Marvel, a traditional Samaurai movie, and a gang war. You get lots of fighting, and the fighting is the best part about the movie. There are also a lot of unexpected plot twists that are so different from the comics that even if you’ve read them a million times, you wouldn’t see this coming. There are also a lot of great actors here, and while the plot and dialogue aren’t extremely well written, it’s passable.

The Bad

wolverine review

Marvel deviates so far from the original story that you can expect anther Iron Man 3. It’s a good movie, but anyone looking for traditional Marvel superheroes is going to be disappointed. Wolverine is far from the Japanese version of Wolverine, and he’s not as violent or as in control as he was in X-Men 2. Hugh Jackman is good, but even he can’t pull off the berserker rage in the comics, no matter what the fans were told. The plot itself is too patched together, and has elements that really have no purpose (like the love scene). Other elements that should be a surprise, are really just too easy to figure out if you’re paying attention.

The Review

Wolverine was a lot of fun to watch. I will definitely be buying it, and I will definitely be watching it again. But like Iron Man 3, it is a little disappointing if you’re familiar with the comics. My suggestion is to go watch the movie with no expectations as to what it should or should not be. Wolverine isn’t perfect, but it’s fast paced, fun, and a huge improvement on the first Wolverine movie. All in all, this is a damsel in distress story, if you’re not into that, don’t watch it.