A Review of Wix Free Website Builder (Continued)

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A Review of Wix Free Website Builder (Continued)

A Review of Wix Free Website Builder (Continued)

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As mentioned earlier, Wix has the most features that we’ve seen yet with a website building platform. There’s an abundance of free apps that you simply click to add to the site you’re making. Unlike many website builders, with Wix you can also add a Google Adsense account. We added one easily to our front page and setup took just a few seconds time. 

wix features page background

There was no shortage of social apps and social bars, forms (such as contact), google analytics, schedulers and e-commerce apps (some of these are not free). 

wix features apps market

Editing features, as mentioned in our interface review portion, are also not lacking. You can edit every portion and area of the page with so many options that you could drive yourself crazy if you’re a perfectionist. We tossed in a few odd things just to show some of the things you can do, such as on our “Services” page we have a picture of our cat trying to escape fly into the middle of the page, and if you take a close look at our icon on the Header of any page you’ll see that we gave our robot the funny glasses and mustache sticker. Also you can check out a video background on the “Client” page. 

Click Here to see our Sample Wix Site


wix screenshot photo editor

Wix photo / image editor


After searching Google for any reports of service and support issues we did find some complaints. Mainly these included the fact that they couldn’t find a contact email or phone number on the Support page. After a Google search of “contact information Wix.com” we did find a support number (screenshot below).

wix support

Members also complained that they had to post in the forum and await a response if help was needed. Premium members said the support was quicker, but still could be frustrating. So what is the truth?

We reviewed the Support page and as they mentioned we found no contact information, however, we did find contact email addresses on their Contact Us page. The forum, as mentioned by reviewers on other websites, does appear to be where most people are asking for help and where the support page encourages them to go. We went to the forum to determine what type of questions were being asked, what help was given and approximately how long the wait times were. As of our writing many of the questions were technical ones, not on website design, but on DNS and name servers and how to transfer domain names. The longest wait time we saw was 11 hours, the shortest was 4. This was over a weekend, so times may vary as such. 

Mobile Friendliness 

wix editor view mobile and desktop

It’s so very important that any website you create these days be mobile friendly. It needs to load and look right on Android, Windows and iOS (iPhone) operating systems. In the editor you have a separate button you can click on to display how your website will appear on these devices. 

We loaded it on our iPhone 6 and it did appear as we set it up to appear in the editor, however, we did notice it was a little sluggish when scrolling through it. This may be due to the free version that we’re using and going to a paid host plan with Wix would likely remedy this issue. 

Final Opinion

The positives for Wix are many:

  • It’s extremely easy to build your own website with it, you need absolutely no technical or coding experience at all. It’s very simple, yet the features are not. 
  • They are those that you would find with any high-end, privately built site, and with the ease of adding these features being a simple click of a box or drag and drop, we did marvel at how they integrated such options and that using them has been made so simplified. 
  • Pricing is average, and actually, since it includes being able to build a rather sophisticated looking website, pricing is a bit better than average. 
  • Making the site mobile friendly is included and has a separate editor
  • Google Adsense can be added which is also a good plus for those wishing to monetize their website.

As for downsides, there were only a few:

  • We did experience it once freeze up on us and found a few similar complaints on this happening when searching the internet for any issues with the platform. We fixed this by refreshing or hitting the back button. It did not save our change however, so we suggest before adding any new box, app or making an edit, you click “save.” 
  • Since you can’t transfer it to another host later, you really need to be sure you like Wix and they’re hosting.

We did find that they have a good uptime report, with few downtimes (averaging 99.66-99.8% uptime), so this shouldn’t be an issue for you. If you do get more traffic, or find you’re having to add more to your website, we would definitely recommend you go to one of their higher end hosting plans to ensure that you’re site will always be running at its best. 

Our final opinion of Wix as a website builder is that we recommend it to anyone needing a smaller to mid-size traffic site that has no experience in coding or website building and yet wants a good looking, well performing, mobile friendly, website. It’s easy to use, has more features than you’ll ever need (but you can try using them all), and it’s fun to play with. We give Wix 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Very easy to build your own website, no technical experience needed. Tons of features and options. Free version available.


Support has some complaints, cannot be transferred to another host.

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For a small business or blog, Wix is the perfect way to create a website, especially if you have little to no website building skills.

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