Wix Pro Gallery – Easy Drag and Drop Portfolio Websites


Wix Pro Gallery – Easy Drag and Drop Portfolio Websites

Anyone looking for an easy and affordable way to build their own website has likely heard of Wix, the free-to-premium online drag and drop website builder. But, while most know the site for its themed websites, video tools, and slideshows, Wix now has another option on offer, Wix Pro Gallery. Of course, Wix galleries have been one of the site’s best features for some time now, so adding photos to your site is nothing new. But, Pro Gallery adds a lot with new tools, full customization, and full control over font, rollover, and even the size and quality of images, which are features that you literally cannot find anywhere else.

The best part? It’s completely free for any Wix website, including the free version.

What is Wix Pro Gallery?

Wix Pro Gallery is a Wix App that you add on to your Wix site to add drag and drop photo tools to the site. The tool differs from existing gallery options by adding new image settings and more control:

  • Image Quality Settings – Control the quality and sharpness of images in the gallery on an image-by-image basis. Highlight your best work, and increase the quality of top-viewed items to improve visual quality, without slowing website speed.
  • Designed for Heavy Images – Most websites slow down with large image galleries, but Wix Pro gallery is designed to function at top speed, with the images. You will see some lag at full quality, but not as much as you might expect
  • Mobile Optimization – Images resize based on screen size and operating system, so that anyone on any device gets the same quality.
    Rollover, Video, and Text – Add auto-play video, image rollover, text, and titles – with your choice of font.
  • Right-Click Protection – Prevent others from downloading your images
  • Sharing Tools – Automatically integrate sharing tools, so that users can send to Facebook or their favorite photo site with one click.
  • Layouts – Wix Pro Gallery currently features 9 layout options like grid, collage, masonry, and more, but this will likely be increased in the future
  • Layout Views – Layout views allow you so show images in different sizes in the same grid layout
  • Supports thousands of photos and videos
  • Includes “Heart” buttons so visitors can show love

In short, Wix Pro Gallery allows you to create a professional photo gallery using drag and drop tools, control the quality of images, and protect them from downloads. For photographers, artists, and visual designers, that means more control with higher graphic quality than any other similar site or service.

Who Should Use It?

Anyone who has or wants a photo-based website can benefit from the drag and drop tools, image quality control, and copyright protection. While some other sites offer similar tools (Squarespace for example), no one is offering the in depth control that Wix has with Pro Gallery.

You’ll also like Pro Gallery if you’re currently using a normal gallery and are frustrated with compression. Wix Pro Gallery allows you to set the compression rate from 0-100% quality, which makes it easy to decide how to display your photos and videos. Of course, higher quality will result in longer load times, but at 90%, sites are still running reasonably fast.While these features obviously stand out for photographers and graphic designers, the millions of fashion designers, fashion stores, models, and even fitness experts using the web to display their work will benefit as well.

How to Add Wix Pro Gallery

  1. Log into your Wix account
  2. Click Add app from the home page
  3. Type “Wix Pro Gallery” into searchWix, Wix Pro Gallery, WIx Photo Gallery
  4. Click “Add to Site” on the app menu which appears when you hover your mouse over the app
  5. Click “Open Editor”
  6. Click “Add App”
  7. Add images

Unfortunately, if you already have a gallery on Wix, you will have to create it again rather than importing it. However, you can easily load all the images already uploaded to Wix, or upload new files from your computer. You can also drag and drop files, change the positioning of each image, add text and individually edit per image, and much more. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with Wix, you can easily check one of their video tutorials for help to see where everything goes. Wix also offers a walkthrough when you first create an account in case you need the extra help.

The Wix Pro Gallery may be a free tool, on a website you can access for free, but it’s also one of the best and most feature-rich out-of-the-box photo gallery tools we’ve seen. While it is primarily for creating a photo portfolio website, there’s a lot you can do with it. And, because you can install it on individual pages, your portfolio or gallery doesn’t have to be on the home page. Just about the only thing the gallery doesn’t do is integrate into blogs (But other Wix galleries do) and allow you to sell items (like Pinterest) but other than that, it’s an extremely functional and flexible photo gallery tool.

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