Where Can I Rent a Puppy or Kitten, Here’s 5 Legit Companies You Can Rent a Pet From

Where Can I Rent a Puppy or Kitten? Here’s 5 Legit Companies You Can Rent a Pet From

Rent a puppy? Rent a kitty? Really? Why would anyone do that? Well for one thing, it’s been a long known fact to doctors that both dogs and cats are helpful to their patients that have stress in their lives, or that have a chronic illnesses. In fact, studies show that when we interact with a feline or canine animal we can lower our blood pressure, relieve depression, become more active, and reduce multiple other stress symptoms.

Unfortunately, not everyone is in a situation where they can own a pet or have one around when they’re undergoing a particularly stressful situation. Thanks to technology growing faster and faster though, there is now an alternative to owning a pet and that’s renting or borrowing one. You can have them delivered to your work, to a party, or you can pick them up for a hike. But if you are considering this as an option, you may ask yourself, “how can I rent a puppy or how can I rent a kitten, I mean, where do I even start to rent them from?” And… “how do I know they’re not some sweat shop for animals?” Those are great questions, and we have the answers. There’s a lot of legit companies renting pets for both yours and the pets enjoyment, and we’ve found the top five and listed them below.

Here’s the 5 best websites and apps we found for renting a pet:

cute kitty


Ever go on a hike or a long walk and think to yourself, “This would be a lot funner with a pooch by my side.” If so, you’re not alone. The creators of Walkzee had that same thought one day while on a hike and they did something about it. They coordinated with animal shelters, so far in 15 states, to create a way for you to be a hero to a dog near you by getting him or her out of their cage to stretch their legs. You can also encourage your local shelter to sign up if they haven’t already. If they are on the list, all you do is go to their website and sign up for a walk. A lovely way to spend a day helping a dog get out of the shelter and pep your spirits up as well.

Borrow My Doggy

Can’t have a dog but want a playdate for your kids, or just you, with a pup in your area? Borrow My Doggy is a website that allows you to do just that. Help a neighbor’s dog out by letting him come along for a ride or a walk so he’s not just sitting around waiting for his owner to come home. Check out the owners and their playful pups to find a connection that works for you both.

Puppies For Rent

Want a puppy but not sure about really going through with all that’s required of taking care of one? Try Puppies for Rent first, a sort of “try before you buy” for dogs. You can also use it alternatively as just a way to relieve stress by having the puppy for a short time, but should you wish to adopt it, you can as these puppies are available for adoption. It’s a great way to see if you’re really ready for having a dog in your life as you can keep it for more than just a few minutes or a few hours.

Puppy Party

Having a puppy party is for anyone of any age, says the creators of PuppyParty. Having cuddly, lovey puppies does sound like fun and I’m certainly no kid. If you have a kid though, renting a bunch of puppies to surround them and their friends as they play at a birthday party would be a great treat. For adults, renting a puppy for company events where a little break is needed during the day to get work off their mind is also a good idea. PuppyParty is a bit costly, starting at $175.

Uber Puppy or Kitty Delivery

uber dogs

Uber delivering pets and people? Yep! If you have 15 minutes to kill and you’re having a stressful day, Uber will deliver to you some canine, or feline companionship. Uber has hooked up with local animal shelters to create this experience for stressed out employees or college students, and if you happen to fall in love with one of the adorable little guys, or gals, you can even adopt them. Their service is found under #UberPuppies or #UberKittens and the 15 minute playtime costs $20-30 which is donated to your local animal shelter. In some areas, you even get cupcakes with your pet fun time!

Konstant Kitten

Like kittens but not cats? Many people do, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of, right? Some people just like to have the cuddly, playful kitten around for a little while without the commitment of having to raise it into an adult cat that one day snubs its nose at you once you want to love on them a little. KonstantKitten.com is a service that provides kittens ages 6 weeks to a year old and will ship you a brand new kitten every 3 months. Don’t worry, once you’re done with the kitten and it’s now a cat, the company will leave it at a shelter or a prison where it will find a new friend, hopefully.

rent a kitty konstantkitten

Okay, that last website was actually number 6 if you lost count, remember this was the 5 best places to rent a pet not 6 and as such it was actually tossed in as a joke. KonstantKitten.com is a website that helps to raise awareness about the mistreatment of animals. We added it to help you to remember to make sure to check out any company you are renting a dog or cat from to ensure that you’re doing so with a legitimate website, one that is giving back to the animal community in some way (as our five are).

Rent a Pet Final Notes:

military dogs and pets

Other places you can check out if you want to help a pet include the Dogs on Deployment (house a dog or cat while thier military owner is away), ASPCA and PetFoster.org. Each of these are great if you’d like to volunteer further and provide short term care for loving pets that are waiting for their forever home or just waiting for their owner to return home.

There’s a lot of options for getting a pet in your life, and all the while you’re not only helping yourself, you’re helping the pet too since most are awaiting adoption or sitting around their house lonely while their owner is busy working. If you do try out one of these websites or apps for borrowing a kitty or pup, let us know below which one you tried and what your experience was!


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