What’s the Difference Between the Kindle Fire and the iPad

What’s the Difference Between the Kindle Fire and the iPad?

The Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad have both been major players in the world of tablets for some time now, but with the release of the Kindle Fire HDX and a couple of new updates, many people are comparing the two directly against each other. Plus, thanks to a couple of slightly misplaced advertising campaigns, some people are even thinking that both the Kindle and the iPad are full functioning tablets. While the most common mixup is happening with the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ and the iPad Air, it’s also happened with a couple of other models, like the iPad Mini. Unfortunately, the Kindle and the iPad are two entirely different things and some users might not be happy swapping out one for another.

iPad Air

The iPad

The iPad is a full function tablet with e-reader, video, movie, music, and photo capabilities as well as full web function. Any iPad runs with Apple’s iOS operating system, meaning that it can utilize any and all of the apps in the Apple iTunes store. The iPad Air features two cameras including 5 mp ‘iSight camera’ and a 1.2 mp ‘FaceTime Camera’, both of which can record in 720 p. While the iPad itself is limited by Apple’s OS, there are thousands of apps that can do everything from take notes to complex finance, so you can do almost anything you want.

Kindle Fire HDX

The Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire from Amazon is an e-Reader tablet with a limited Android based operating system that allows the Kindle to mostly only work with Amazon related products. The tablet is designed for reading, watching Amazon Prime and Amazon video, and using apps from the Amazon App Store. This means that Google Play does not work on the tablet, and many of the apps that you might be familiar with do not work on the Kindle. However, there are many productivity apps such as an office suite, finance, and more.

So Which Do I Want?

Kindle Fire vs iPad Air

If you want a fully functioning tablet then you do not want a Kindle. While the HDX 8.9″ is almost the same weight, almost as thin, and offers better graphics than the iPad, it is quite simply not a tablet. Amazon offers the low prices that they do because the tablet is designed to sell Amazon products like books, music, and software for you to use. With limited office functions, limited photo functions, and very limited web functions, the Kindle Fire is not for everyone, no matter how snazzy the graphics look. The iPad on the other hand is a full function tablet that you can do most things with. For this reason, it’s more appropriate for anyone who wants to use YouTube, who loves thousands of apps, or otherwise wants Apple. Kindle is not Apple.

Kindle Fire – You probably want a Kindle Fire if you’re looking for a low cost tablet that you will primarily use for books, comics, or Amazon video. You can also use the tablet for Facebook, email, and basic finances or games. It is not suitable for web based games, many Android games, or most internet use. Streaming media is mostly limited to what Amazon offers but they do have apps for Netflix and other media streaming. While the Kindle HDX does come with an Office Suite for ‘viewing’ Microsoft Word Files, you will have to purchase additional apps to actually edit them.
Apple iPad – You probably prefer the iPad if you are looking for a tablet that can use more apps, and is good for the internet and YouTube, and pretty much anything else you could want. While more expensive, the iPad does offer more for those who need it, especially for business.

While the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Apple iPad do offer the same functions in that they are both a tablet, anyone who decides to swap out an iPad for an HDX is most likely going to be disappointed. Each device offers vastly different features and functions, so it is important to keep this in mind when shopping.

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