What You Need to Know About WoW Bots  


What You Need to Know About WoW Bots

WoW bots, or AFK gaming inside World of Warcraft us a semi-common way to farm, level up skills, and collect fish, herbs, or just about anything else in the game while not actually playing. While prohibited in the WoW terms of service, many players use them, often on secondary accounts to farm for their main. You’ll also likely see them around a lot, with telltale signs like non-stop repetitive activity, ignoring blatant things that a real player would never ignore, or otherwise behaving in odd-repetitive ways.

While you can report them, you likely have a lot of questions, and this article will attempt to go over them. We’ll follow up later with a resource on some WoW bots people are using, and why bots like Honorbuddy sometimes vanish.

First, What Are Bots?

Most Bots are automated macros. They don’t affect inside the game, but rather set up a macro connected to a key on your keyboard, and then digitally press the key. This is the best way to keep Blizzard from detecting bots inside the game, which typically results in an account ban. If you’re using macros, your motions are more limited, but more than sophisticated enough to find and detect various items you can farm. For example, Fish bots are plentiful and surprisingly good at fishing but typically only use a few keys.

Sometimes, bots are more sophisticated and can actually fight, fly, and navigate the map on their own. Most “players” using these bots set them up to continue to farm a specific location to get rare items, boost stats, or otherwise build their toon.

Bots Farm for:

  • Gold
  • Rare Items and Loot
  • Battleground Honor/Levelling (Pirox/HonorBuddy)
  • Fishing
  • Collecting Herbs

Why Does Blizzard Ban Bots?

Blizzard periodically goes through and bans bots and bot users, which is intended to improve the playing experience for others. For example, in December 2017, many popular bots were banned and even traditionally ‘accepted’ bots like point and click bots were taken off the servers. Users were also banned.

So, popular bots like Noob Bot, WRobot, Lua Unlocker, Chimpeon, WRobot, Frozen, and others are largely offline. You can use them, but the risk of being caught, especially after a few months of play, is extremely high.

Is It Worth the Risk?

If you’re looking to bot, then chances are the answer is no. If you’re botting on your main account, you could lose it and potentially years of work and love. If you’re looking to quickly earn gold or farm on a side account, it may be worth it to you, but that’s up to you. If you do, consider choosing a sever that will inconvenience other players less and try to keep botting low profile. Currently, botting on a private server is the safest way to go, because it impacts other players less. In addition, Blizzard mostly only suspends accounts when they’re reported by other players, so avoiding inconveniencing others will protect your account as well.

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