What is the Steam Client?


What is the Steam Client?

Anyone who plays games online has likely heard of Steam, the video game store and platform run by Valve Corporation. However, we get a lot of questions regarding Steam Client, a software program developed by Valve to allow users to play games right on their desktop.

In some cases, these questions are asking what the platform is and how it works, so that you can figure out how to play.

In other cases, people find the Steam Client on their computer and are concerned. If you’re in the first group, check this article to see what you can do with the Steam Client. If you want to know what Steam Client is and how it works or why it might be on your computer, keep reading.

What is the Steam Client?

The Steam Client is a gaming platform developed by Valve Corporation. It enables you to access a game and software store, to access free games and media, and to take part in the online Steam Community. It also allows you to access games in your library from any device where you sign into your account, so that you can play them on any computer, so long as you sign in. This allows you to quickly and easily access games from literally anywhere you have a computer and an Internet connection.

Is the Steam Client Secure?

Steam Client uses multiple types of protection to secure your games and your account and financial information. In addition to a multi-step login process that requires verifying your logon devices multiple times. Steam uses encryption, two-factor authentication, and offers additional security in the form of Steam Guard.

If you’re wondering if Steam Client is safe to have on a work computer, the answer is yes and no. First, if a computer is for work only, you don’t need the program. While Steam has no known vulnerabilities, installing it adds to the additional software on the computer, which statistically increases risks. Steam has had two known vulnerabilities in the past, one an XSS attack and one an HTTPS Man-In-The-Middle attack, both of which went after account data and credit cards, not computers. However, that could change in the future. If you have important information on a computer and largely only use it for work or are only supposed to use it for work, Steam should not be on the device.

How Did the Steam Client Get on My Computer?

In order to get the Steam Client, you would have to download and install it. Only Dell Alienware computers come with Steam Client preinstalled. Check with your family members or other computer users to see if they installed the Steam Client. Or, go into your program manager (applications on Mac) to see when the client was installed.

Is Steam OS the Same as Steam Client?

No. Steal Client is a gaming platform and Steam OS is a Linux-based operating system that you can use to replace your Windows or Mac OS. If you just want to play games, go for the Steam Client and not the Steam OS.

What is “Steam.dmg”?

Steam.dmg is the downloadable file for installing the Steam Client on a Mac.

Hopefully you now know what the Steam Client is. If you have more security related questions, feel free to ask.


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