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What is the Ligo Bluewave?  


What is the Ligo Bluewave?

The liGo Bluewave is a Bluetooth hub which connects ingoing and outgoing calls from a mobile or cell phone to a standard handset. This works to bypass a landline by rerouting calls from your mobile directly to an in-house or in-office telephone system.  

While only available in the UK, a large number of our readers asked about the liGo Bluewave, so we thought we’d discuss it, talk about where to get it, and what it does.  

How Does the liGo Bluewave Work?

When you connected your mobile phone to the Ligo Bluewave, it automatically hands incoming and outgoing calls off to your handheld phone in your home when connected. This means that when someone calls your mobile, you can pick it up at any phone in your home or office and answer the inbound call at your mobile rate, using mobile minutes or calling contract.  

There are a few simple benefits to this:  

  • You don’t have to keep your mobile phone with you, which is primarily a benefit to older users who don’t like to keep their phone with them. 
  • You only need one phone subscription and one phone number. You may be able to save considerably by routing all calls through the same contract  
  • If you have poor cell reception in parts of your home, you can leave your cellphone in a place where it receives the best signal and accept calls from anywhere.  

Of course, this technology is hardly unprecedented. Apple already allows you to hand off any calls from a device on your Apple account to another device when in proximity. For example, if your phone rings and you have an iPad and an iMac, you can accept the call on both devices, providing the phone is close enough. Any device with integrated call-forwarding will handle it as well. For example, AT&T will allow you to forward any calls, but you do need both a landline and a mobile subscription.  

Is the LiGo BlueWave Worth It?

The liGo Bluewave is something of a niche product, offering convenience to persons who relaly love their landline. If you vastly prefer using a landline phone to a cell phone or even struggle with using a smartphone, it’s a great idea for when you’re in your home. For example, you can simply pick up your regular landline phone to answer the call, use speed dial on your regular phone, or even dial from your regular phone without ever touching a screen.  

It’s also nice that the device offers mobile voicemail access, call waiting, and customized ringtones based on which device you’re using. That’s nice if you’d like those features on your smartphone but don’t know how to set them up or have to pay extra to do so.  

What’s the verdict? The liGo Bluewave is definitely nice, especially for older users struggling with new technology. Not everyone is going to get along with smartphones and increasingly complex touchscreen menus, and that’s okay. While you likely still need a smartphone or at least a flip phone when you go outside, you don’t have to use it indoors. Tech like the liGo Bluewave makes it easier to simplify your home life, and tech like it is readily available. However, it is our reccomendation that you review what your existing phone can do before you spend money on a device like this. There’s a small chance you can easily set up call forwarding to accept calls on your landline with your existing subscription, which could save you money.

Unfortunately, it is only available in the UK, but with prices starting form 20 GPB, it’s actually fairly affordable (+ 4.99 shipping)if you live in the UK or Europe. Get it here.