What is PrimeWire Unblocked? 

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What is PrimeWire Unblocked? 

What is PrimeWire Unblocked?

PrimeWire is one of the oldest and most popular online movie streaming sites, but, for many users in countries like the UK, it is unavailable. The site was blocked via an MPAA court order in November of 2013, and has since remained offline for UK users. This ban includes PrimeWire and its domains, as well as sister sites Putlocker, Project Free TV, Vodly, and Watch Free Movies.  

PrimeWire Unblocked is a new server and domain, which was published with the intent of allowing UK and other blocked users to access PrimeWire content. It publishes a live version of PrimeWire, but on a different domain, with most of the original PrimeWire content and features intact.  

What does PrimeWire Unblocked Offer?

PrimeWire Unblocked offers over 12,000 movies, TV shows, and documentaries available for free streaming. It also offers free music streaming, with the ability for users to upload their own and create playlists.  

Unlike sister sites like Putlocker and Let Me Watch This, users can suggest and upload their own content – enabling anyone to add their own content. However, this creates greater room for both viruses and malware, and for pirated content, because anyone can add media.  

How Do You Access PrimeWire Unblocked?

PrimeWire Unblocked is available via web browser and through apps like Kodi. If it is unavailable in your area, it has most likely been blocked for streaming and pirated content.  

Is PrimeWire Unblocked Safe?

PrimeWire Unblocked supports itself with website links and ads, most of which link out to other sites. This can mean that if you click on an ad, it may link you to spamware or malware – which will download onto your computer. Some ads also link out to pornographic content, making the site mostly inappropriate for children.  

PrimeWire Unblocked also works to reduce its liability for pirated content by not hosting some content on its servers. When you click on a movie or TV show, it may link you to the content on a third-party site. These sites can vary a great deal in safety, and may also attempt to download malware onto your site.  

Therefore, it is not recommended to visit the site without an antivirus program and a firewall.  

Is PrimeWire Unblocked Legit?

PrimeWire Unblocked links to both copyright free and legal streaming content as well as to new releases and cam rips. This means that some content on the site is legit and some is not. 

In most cases, PrimeWire Unblocked links out to separate websites for content, so when you click on the movie or TV show, you then have to choose a site to watch it on. Here, you can sometimes choose versions (such as cam rips). This practice is usually a warning sign, because it is often used by sites streaming illegitimate content to avoid being blacklisted by google for uploading and hosting pirated content.  

In most cases, if content is very new and available for free, it is not legit. However, because PrimeWire offers some homemade videos and some copyright free movies and TV shows, you will have to use your own judgement when streaming media on the site.  

PrimeWire Unblocked offers a combination of unlicensed and pirated media for free streaming, which can make watching anything on it tricky. For example, if you want to stream legal content, you are likely better off choosing a safer legit move streaming site like Archive.org, where you know everything is legal.  

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