What is Moviez? Is It Safe? Is it Legit?  

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What is Moviez? Is It Safe? Is it Legit?  

What is Moviez? Is It Safe? Is it Legit?

Moviez.com is an online website linking to new film releases, sharing movie and theater information, and working as a theater guide. If you were searching for it via Movies com, Moviez.com, or Moviez, the site has been removed from search and now links to an ad directory. Moviez.com may load popup or spam ads, which can be dangerous or expensive to click on.

What was Moviez.com

Moviez.com was an online movie streaming site offering free movies and TV shows, including the latest releases. It was a widely popular free streaming site, and one of the top rated and recommended on Reddit and other forums. If you are searching from that venue, you may want to try to update the list to improve relevance.  

Why was Moviez.com Taken Offline?

It’s unclear whether Moviez.com voluntarily took itself offline or was removed forcibly. However, the site has been offline for over a year as of 2018, having reached peak popularity between 2010 and 2015. Today, the site links to an ad directory and does have popup ads which link to fake virus warnings and software downloads. If you visit the site, be sure to have an ad blocker and antivirus running.  

However, it is likely that Moviez.com went offline following relatively recent changes to copyright law. Many movie publishers are increasingly pursuing their legal rights online, which includes torrent and streaming sites. Additionally, courts and government bodies are supporting these rights, and are aiding in site takedowns. For example, the Motion Picture Association of America is currently working to have 123 Movies, Putlocker, and others removed. And major torrenting sites like Piratebay have already been removed.  

What Does That Mean For You?

If you were purposely looking to watch movies for free, that is getting harder to do legally. For example, many courts are changing how streaming is perceived and many existing copyright and antipiracy laws are in the process of being updated. Some courts consider streaming piracy if your website downloads packets during streaming, which includes most streaming sites. However, movie publishers are still in the process of going after uploaders. Most individual streamers are relatively safe, so you won’t likely face any litigation in the near future. However, it’s not a guarantee. You could face legal issues should a publisher try to make an example of a group of viewers. It has happened in the past with torrents and it could happen.  

Sites like Moviez.com are now offline, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other similar sites. Most will likely continue to appear, as they can remain relatively anonymous in countries with less strict copyright laws or fewer resources to track and prosecute infringers. However, it’s always a good idea to switch to legitimate movie streaming sites. While none of them will have the latest release or movies in cinema, they will offer up to thousands of free movies and TV shows. Some like PopcornFlix even offer relatively recent films and media. And, of course, you can always get a premium subscription to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime for as little as $10 per month.  

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