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MovieWatcher Review

What is MovieWatcher?

MovieWatcher, commonly searched at MovieWatcher.IS is an online movie and TV show streaming platform offering access to new (dating back to 2000). The site creates a database linking all episodes available with review data from sites like IMDB, as well as HD and standard options, making it easy to watch TV shows.

If you found MovieWatcher on Reddit or in search, you’re probably wondering if you can safely and legally stream films or TV shows on the site. The answer is no in both cases. However, there is a lot you should know about MovieWatcher and other similar sites.

How Does MovieWatcher Work?

MovieWatcher uses a similar function to many other sites, which is to work as an index for movies and TV shows. Rather than uploading content on their own, MovieWatcher scrapes other sites (notably,,, and to index and link to watchable and downloadable content. By using more than one source, sites like this are able to offer more comprehensive offerings than the original site. At the same time, by refusing to upload content themselves, they remove themselves from the spotlight in terms of DMCA and copyright infringement. Because most publishers primarily go after uploaders rather than those sharing data, it protects the site from direct repercussions of sharing pirated content for illicit streaming.

So, is MovieWatcher Legit?

Unfortunately, most of MovieWatcher’s content is not legitimate or licensed. In fact, a quick look at the home page will show you several titles and shows that are copyrighted works of a specific streaming site. For example, The Grand Tour is an Amazon produced show, which should technically only be available through Amazon Prime. MovieWatcher shares the show with download options, which is a clear violation of existing intellectual property rights law.

So, streaming content on MovieWatcher means that you are directly and likely knowingly breaching international copyright law.

Will I Get in Trouble?

For now, movie streaming laws are ambiguous at best. Anti-piracy laws haven’t yet updated to include streaming, but they are changing. In the last 2 years, several court cases have ruled that if your movie streaming site downloads packages to your computer (most do), you are pirating the film. Others are beginning to rule that while many of these sites purport to be legitimate, even sharing DMCA Takedown forms for publishers to use, anyone can easily tell that they are not legit. Therefore, you may face some responsibility for knowingly streaming content.

However, it’s still highly unlikely. Most publishers are focusing on uploaders rather than those sharing or streaming data. But, that many change. A small fraction of downloaders were eventually tracked down and taken to court to scare off future offenders. And that will eventually likely happen with streaming sites as well as publishers push to have laws changed. So, while the chances of facing legal or fiscal repercussions for streaming content are currently slim, that is rapidly changing.

Is MovieWatcher.IS Safe?

If you’re still considering using the site, you’re likely concerned about safety on the site. Unfortunately, MovieWatcher links to external sites with external downloads and uses popup ads, some of which are risky at best.

Your best option if you chose to use the site is to use a VPN with an Adblocker to reduce risks and ensure you have a strong firewall running on the site.

As always, we do not recommend visiting or using sites like MovieWatcher. Instead, there are a wide range of free and legit movie streaming sites where you can watch as many free movies as you want, without risking legal complication.