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What is MovieDLL? Is It Safe? Is It Legit?  

What is MovieDLL? Is It Safe? Is It Legit?

If you’re looking for a place to stream free movies online, Movie DLL is a site that will come up a lot, both in search and on recommendations through sites like Reddit. But, if you’re trying to stream legally or want to ensure the safety of your computer, family, or legal status, there’s a lot you should know before using sites like MovieDLL. For example, is MovieDLL safe? What about legit?

While a quick glance at the home page of MovieDLL should answer the latter question (it isn’t legit), you should still understand the risks, potential ramifications of streaming on MovieDLL, and how to protect yoruself in case you decide to stream on it anyway.

What is MovieDLL?

MovieDLL is a movie streaming site offering everything from the latest blockbuster releases to old and sometimes community commons films. Unlike many alternative movie streaming sites, MovieDLL offers subtitling on many films, making the movies ideal for secondary language learners, members of the Deaf community or who are hard of hearing, and anyone who likes subtitles. MovieDLL also differs from many competing movie streaming sites in that it offers a selection of Korean Drama.

Is MovieDLL Legit?

Unfortunately, none of the titles on MovieDLL are shared legitimately. None are licensed, and streaming them is technically if not legally piracy. In addition, with court rulings dating to 2016 and 2017 declaring streaming piracy if your streaming site downloads packets while streaming, you could technically be prosecuted for piracy for streaming on sites like MovieDLL.

If it’s Illegal Why Is It Still Online? – While many governments have begun working with ISP and movie producers to remove fraudulent websites such as torrent providers and streaming sites from the web, there are a few reasons that sites remain online. The first is that with thousands of streaming sites and plenty of ways to hide the owners and even the country the site is hosted in, actually removing sites can be extremely difficult. Especially when an owner can have a backup copy of the site and very easily move it to a new server.

The second is that movie streaming sites aren’t always breaking the law. For example, MovieDLl doesn’t upload any of their own content. Instead, MovieDLL scrapes other sites for content, pulling live links to streamable movies – which enables them to share streaming content without actually pirating themselves. Because sharing what you find online isn’t technically illegal in most cases, it’s difficult to prosecute or go after these sites.

Is MovieDLL Safe?

MovieDLL is a movie streaming site which makes it less safe than a legit site like Netflix or Amazon. However, as free movie streaming sites go, it’s fairly safe. For example, with no popup ads, no porn ads, and no gambling readily available on the site, it’s a lot more family friendly and easier to avoid viruses and malware from popups. However, MovieDLL does link to content from other sources, which means that you may unintentionally load scripts that are harmful to your computer and may unintentionally expose your computer to viruses or malware. If you’re using the site, it’s important to use a firewall and antivirus program.

What else should you know? Streaming from sites like MovieDLL could result in legal action against you, but it is unlikely. However, you can typically get a much better selection of higher quality films from sites like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix. Or, check our list of the top legit movie streaming sites you can access for free.