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What is HeadSpace And Is It Worth It?


What is HeadSpace And Is It Worth It?

If you’ve been looking into mindfulness, meditation, or just a good way to relax online, then chances are you’ve come across headspace or it’s founder, Andi Puddicombe. Headspace is an online meditation and mindfulness website that offers a variety of meditations, as well as a mindfulness program starting at just 10 minutes a day. While you get the first 10 days free, it costs just over $10 a month, or $6 a month for a year, which is an investment for meditation. You’re probably wondering if the meditations are any good, how the connections work, and what kind of quality you get.

What is Headspace

Headspace is an online video and audio-lesson website where you can access guided meditations, including a foundation course designed to get you started. The foundation course starts with Take 10, which is 10 lessons that are each 10 minutes long. Once you finish level 1, you can upgrade to level 2, with 15 minute lessons, and then move on to level 3, at 20 minutes per lesson. Essentially, you can easily get into the habit by gradually upping your time spent meditating, which is ideal if you’re new to it.

HeadSpace also has a variety of meditation series for specific issues like health, relationships, performance, and so on. These allow you to access meditations that tackle a specific area of your mental health.

Additional Videos

HeadSpace also has a large number of one-off videos for “on the Go”, “SOS”, and “Classic” which you can use to meditate whenever you want. For example, SOS is a series of 2-minute videos designed to calm you down when you’re upset, perfect for a bathroom break at work. HeadSpace Classic uses 10-60 minute videos to allow you to practice whenever you want, and at whatever length you want, without following a course, but you can just add these onto your other meditation as well, as there are no limits to how many classes you can go through.

Quality and Review of Headspace

Headspace has consistently good quality audio recordings that did not lag, even when I used it with Bluetooth headphones in the next room. The audio quality is good, I did not really watch too many of the videos, but all-in all it’s worth listening to.

You get the Headspace course, which includes daily videos to take once a day, as well as longer videos ranging from 10-60 minutes, which you can take whenever you want. Both options add value, and allow you to just sit back, listen to a guided meditation, and relax whenever you want. With a large library, it will likely take you a long time to listen to everything so you can change things up as often as you want. This is a definite advantage over guided meditation CDs and discs, where you usually get 1-10 meditations, and then have to repeat them all until you give in and buy another disc.

Is It Worth It?

If you like meditating daily, can afford the money, and like Puddicombe’s style, then Headspace is a great investment. In fact, it’s one of the only similar websites I’ve tried that has this level of quality in terms of recordings and meditations. While you could go on YouTube and hope for the best with free videos, HeadSpace consistently has quality options that are well recorded, guided throughout, make sense, and are pretty grounded for those of us who prefer things to be a less esoteric. If you’re hoping for something with chants and the sound of the beach, you mostly won’t find that, but you will find a lot of really nice down to earth meditations, voice guided, and designed for the beginning to intermediate meditator. The 10-day startup is also really great because it lets you get into the habit of meditating once a day, and it gives you just enough time to figure out if you like Andi’s style, or prefer something else.