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FanStash TV Review

What is FanStash TV?

FanStash TV is an online media streaming site dedicated to offering free HD TV shows, including titles from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and other premium streaming sites. If you’re hoping to find a way to stream these TV shows for free, FanStashTV can seem too good to be true. Unfortunatley, it is. The site doesn’t license any of its content, meaning that streaming from the site could eventually result in litigation against you or your household. In addition, you’ll have to be extra careful to avoid potential virus and malware infections on your computer while using the site.

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How Does FanStash Work?

Fanstash collects and links to movies and TV shows uploaded online by other websites. This is a common technique used by free movie streaming sites to work around copyright law, which bans uploading content but not sharing it. So, FanStash may be working within the legal letter (but not the spirit) of existing copyright law.

However, this does put you as a user more at risk because you’re streaming from multiple sites instead of just one.

Does this protect you from litigation? Not really. While FanStash is following the current letter of the law quite well, laws are changing and rapidly. Courts throughout Europe now consider streaming a form of piracy when the user is aware that content is not legitimate (almost every time) and when the website downloads packets (almost every time) during the streaming process. While laws have not been updated, espeially in the United States, numerous court cases now exist to set precedence for the fact that streaming is piracy. With pushes from movie and show publishers, laws could be changing everywhere.

Is FanStash Safe to Use?

While the site links to multiple servers and websites, FanStash actually puts more effort and work into their site and safety than most alternatives. For example, in links to, a movie streaming site FanStash links to, Fanstash correctly identified that the host website was using a script which could be harmful to some computers and shut it down.

That’s an important safety feature that many similar websites do not have, so you may actually be safer on FanStash than on many competing websites. However, we wouldn’t go so far as to say ‘Safe’ you’ll still get popup ads from host sites, including some which link directly to malware. Therefore, if you go on the site, make sure you have a fully functional firewal and antivirus program installed. You may also want to consider using an AdBlocker.

What Are My Alternatives?

With sites like FanStash rapidly being criminalized, what are your alternatives? While there aren’t many if you’re looking for blockbusters and new releases free of charge, there are several free and legit movie streaming sites you can look for. In addition, with services like Netflix allowing up to 5 users, you can also easily split costs with friends and family to get unlimited media streaming for as little as a few dollars a month.

FanStash has a lot of quality content (varying from mediocre to full HD), scraped from other sites and actually checked for suspicious content, so it is safer than many alternatives. However, if you use FanStash, you do so at your own risk, which may end up a lot more expensive than simply purchasing a premium streaming license from Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix.