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What is EMS Sensitivity?


What is EMS Sensitivity?

EMS Sensitivity or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is an idiopathic condition where the patient is sensitive to and suffers reactions from electronic signals and electromagnetic radiation at abnormal levels. In plain English, EMS sensitive people get sick when they are around normal electronic devices, and doctors don’t know why. In this article, we will go over the basics of recognizing EMS Sensitivity and what causes it, but we will follow up with articles on preventive measures, management, and living with EMS sensitivity.

What are Electromagnetic Fields?

Electromagnetic fields are physical fields produced by electronic objects. The size and intensity of the field varies depending on the device, and international law limits the ‘safe’ standards on how much EMF or EM a single device can have. EMF are also present around power lines, power plants and any device (such as a computer) that uses electricity. The human body produces a piezoelectric field. Because standards on power lines are not regulated, they typically produce a much stronger field then a small electronic device. Many EMS sensitives also have difficulty with wireless devices and signals.

Why are Some People Sensitive To It?


Electromagnetic fields cause problems with anyone at a high level. Essentially, people who are EMS sensitive are potentially ‘more sensitive’ than regular people. However, most doctors do not recognize EMS Sensitivity as an actual disease, mainly because there are no known markers and several tests have suggested that it may be a nocebo effect, or a psychological problem, rather than a biological one. However, many people disagree, and science may change its mind with further study. However, because some people become sensitive to EMS, or begin to develop symptoms with no other causes, similarly to EMS without other cause, it is impossible to discount EMS sensitivity just yet.

What are the Symptoms?

EMS symptoms can vary a great deal. Many of them resemble the symptoms of light radiation exposure with symptoms ranging from skin problems to hair loss and weight loss, as well as psychological distress and social impairment. Because most EMS sensitives are self diagnosed, and most doctors do not take the cause seriously, there are not many studies attempting to corroborate different symptoms with various types of exposure. Sweden is currently the only country that accepts EMS sensitivity as an actual medical problem, and there, patients suffer everything from ‘mid annoyance’ to fully debilitating symptoms as a result of EMS sensitivity.

Some attempt to link other diseases such as Morgellons and Fibromyalgia with EMS sensitivity, although this is highly disputed and not backed by any current scientific fact.


While much of the medical world doubts that EMS sensitivity is caused by biological reactions, some people have shown that by removing themselves from electronic zones, going somewhere without wireless and staying away from power, they can reduce and even completely loose their symptoms. The National Radio Quiet Zone is one place where EMS sensitives go to escape from radio and electromagnetic fields, and most of the people who stay there experience a full recovery. While we don’t yet know much about EMS sensitivity, why it affects some people and not others, or even how it is caused, we could learn more in the near future, thanks to advancing studies and science.