What is Blu Cigarette? Is It a Scam? Is It Safe to Use? 

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What is Blu Cigarette? Is It a Scam? Is It Safe to Use? 

What is Blu Cigarette? Is It a Scam? Is It Safe to Use?

If you’re currently vaping or looking to make the switch from real cigarettes to cigarettes, chances are you’ve come across a range of products offering free trials, free e-cigarettes, and even high-end cigarettes for a premium price. Unfortunately, many of these are some form of e-cigarette scam, where vendors often simply sell you whatever cheap Chinese e-cigarettes they can get on Alibaba for a premium price. Other e-cigarette scams are much more in-depth, requiring you to sign up for non-voidable contracts like a 12-month purchase agreement, which you then have to honor even if the product is awful.  

Blu Cigarette is one of those brands, which has a reputation as both a quality vendor of e-cigarettes, vaporizers, and e-cigarette liquid cartridges. If you’re considering using the site, you probably want to know if it’s a scam, if it’s safe to use, and if you’re getting a good bargain for your money.



What is Blu Cigarette?

Blu Cigarette is one of the largest e-cigarette manufacturers, first founded in 2009 and selling in the UK, France, and Italy. The company was purchased by Fontem Ventures, who moved production and manufacture to China. As of 2016, Blu is the second most popular e-cigarette brand in the United States, with just over a quarter of market share.  

Is Blu Cigarette a Scam?

Blu Cigarette very reliably manufacturers and sells quality products. They won’t scam you by getting you to sign a long-running deal, and you can generally safely purchase Blu brands from hundreds of thousands of retailers around the USA, UK, France, and Italy.  

However, many users report that Blu Cigarette’s quality has dropped in recent years. With many complaining on forums of poor build quality for even non-disposable e-cigarettes and decreasing amounts of liquid in e-cigarette cartridges, it is something to consider. However, this doesn’t make Blu Cigarette a scam, it only means that quality on some of their products may have decreased in recent years.  

Is Blu Cigarette Safe to Use?

Unfortunately, the jury is still out on whether e-cigarettes like Blu Cigarette are safe to use. While we know that the healthiest option is still to not smoke at all, smoking e-cigarettes may or may not be healthier than smoking cigarettes. Chances are that e-cigarettes are healthier due to the reduced levels of smoke entering the lungs, but it’s not completely safe. You should discuss your options with your doctor before beginning a cigarette or e-cigarette habit and before switching to e-cigarettes for your health.  

Is Blu Cigarette a Good Deal?  

Blu Cigarette offers e-cigarettes, cartridges, and disposables at an average price range, with prices at roughly $9 per cartridge (this is subject to change). This isn’t expensive or exceptionally cheap. Many people also disagree regarding whether Blu Cigarette is a good deal, so value may depend heavily on what’s available in your area and at what price range. If you’re unsure, consider purchasing a range of options available in your area and testing them against each other.  

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