What is Aircharge? The App and Wireless Charging Docks from Toyota  

What is Aircharge? The App and Wireless Charging Docks from Toyota

If you’re looking into purchasing a new Toyota Avalon from the 2016 or sooner line, the model will feature a great deal of wireless tech, including 4G LTE internet connectivity and Qi wireless charging dock. In fact, Aircharge, or Qi wireless charging, is quickly becoming available in all new Toyota models as well as in restaurants and businesses across the United States.  

The biggest advantage for most is the ability to quickly and easily charge a phone from anywhere, whether you’re in your (Toyota only) car, or at your local McDonalds. Of course, not every area has Aircharge yet, but the app does help with that.  

What is Qi Wireless Charging?

Qi Wireless charging is a form of inductive charging, where power is conducted over a distance of up to 4cm to a battery. Qi uses electromagnetic induction to induct electric from a power source to a compatible phone and battery. Because both the charging dock and the phone have to have the same electromagnetic signal in order to begin inducting energy, the transmission process is safe, you cannot charge a non-compatible phone without a converter, and the energy cannot go elsewhere (For example, some of our readers were concerned that you could be shocked by wireless charging).  

What is the AirCharge App?

Toyota offers a range of AirCharge stations around urban areas as well as an app to help you find them. Venues like McDonalds, Yo!Sushi, Vodafone, and Orange all have AirCharge stations from Toyota, and you can easily use them.  

  1. Install the Aircharge app from your app store on your phone. Do not install from a website download or third-party source. Just type “Aircharge” into the search bar from your app store or click through from the Toyota Aircharge website  
  2. Set your preferences and battery alerts  
  3. When your battery starts to get low, the Aircharge app will direct you to the nearest wireless charging station. You can simply put your phone in, wait for a charge, and go.  

Aircharge stations are currently available for free to Toyota and non-Toyota users, so you don’t necessarily have to own a Toyota to use either. However, some establishments will greatly prefer that you order something while you’re on the premises. For example, you probably shouldn’t loiter around a McDonalds for 30 minutes without ordering something.  

What is Toyota’s Aircharge Wireless Charging?

Toyota features Aircharge, a wireless charging device in the dashboard of 7 new models including the Avalon. This charging dock supports 7″ and smaller phones (Phablet sizes like the iPhone 8+, iPhone X, and Samsung 8 are too big), and any Qi supported device. This includes most Samsung and LG phones, iPhone 8 and sooner phones, and older iPhone models with cases designed to act as converters.  

To use them, you simply place your smartphone in the dock which is beneath the center console. If nothing is between the phone and the surface of the charging station, you can simply press the wireless charging button to begin charging. Once finished, a green indicator light will go on, and you can press the wireless charging button to turn the inductive charging off.  

Toyota’s Aircharge started out as a new technology offering convenience to Toyota drivers. Today, it’s doing the same to pedestrians in a lot of urban areas as well.  

Have you used a Toyota Aircharge station? Let us know in the comments.  

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