WEYV – The Streaming Service for All Your Media  

WEYV – The Streaming Service for All Your Media

Netflix, Spotify, Magazines, Amazon, Apple Music, Hulu – most of us have at least one media subscription, and more often than not, multiple. But, at a time when movie and TV show streaming is breaking apart into multiple subscription services (Disney Streaming for example), most of us want a simple platform that offers everything we want in one place. That’s one of the reasons behind Amazon’s massive success with Amazon Prime (they offer books, movies, audiobooks, TV shows, and magazines in one place). But, now, there’s another subscription offering on the market, and it aims to combine music, magazines, and in the future TV for a single price, using a single app.  

That’s a bold move considering the relatively stiff competition in the form of Amazon, but Amazon doesn’t offer a single subscription for magazines.

What is WEYV?

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WEYV is an app and website where you can listen to music from the world’s top artists and music groups. The app offers a large catalogue consisting of music from Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music, Merlin, and others. With a strong music catalogue ranging from 60s and 70s artists to top 40s, it’s more than enough to compete with Apple Music and Spotify. But, WEYV also offers magazines, like People, Time, InStyle, Sports Illustrated, and many more.

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Users can create a single-person account or a group account and stream music while reading. Unlike most streaming options, WEYV works on a ‘credit’ basis, a subscription purchases a certain number of credits called WEYV Units, which you use when you listen to or download music and media. When you put it back, the credits go back to your account, and you can get something else. A bit like a library card which lets you access anything you want, but not all at once.  

The streaming app was launched on December 5, 2017 by Altair, and is fronted by Stephanie Scapa – daughter of Altair CEO James Scapa. WEYV is also unique in that it was developed almost entirely in-house, with unique features and offerings based around providing a solution – which makes sense for a company like Altair.

WEYV Pricing

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WEYV uses a simple pricing scheme based on the number of users. The app starts off with a 14 day free trial, after which you can choose a subscription for up to 25 people.  

  • 1 Person – $15 per month  
  • 2 People – $28 per month  
  • 3 People – $39 per month  
  • 4+ People – From $48 per month  

Features and Offerings
WEYV has a lot to offer, even when compared to other streaming services such as Amazon and Spotify.  

All-In-One Streaming – WEYV offers music streaming on-demand, radio, and magazines, with the intent of adding books and TV in the future.  

Full Customization – You can create radio stations and playlists, setting genre, decade, and artist ratios, for a completely customized playlist. For example, you could theoretically create a playlist that plays 95% Coldplay and 5% Led Zeppelin (but really, please don’t).  

Collaboration – WEYV allows you to set up subscriptions for groups and then collaborate between them, contribute to playlists and stations, and add to reading lists from available material. You can also share to social media.  

Offline Access – You can download magazines and music to access offline.  

Industry Trade Publications – While less mainstream than their other offerings, WEYV offers industry trade publications like Digital Engineering and Electro Optics.

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Giving to Charity

0.5% of all WEYV earnings are donated to charity, with recipients including the Children’s Defense Fund, Keep America Beautiful, Mercy for Animals, PETA, Toys for Tops, VH1 Save the Music Foundation, Wounded Warriors Family Support, and more.  

Unfortunately, WEYV is only available to U.S. subscribers, for now. If you’re interested in purchasing a subscription, click through to page 2 to read our review.  


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