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WatchFree.To Review

WatchFree.To- Is It Safe? What about Legit?

WatchFree.To is a Putlocker-based free movie streaming website which collates and shares movies, television, and documentaries uploaded to Putlocker. WatchFree primarily aggregates video, making it easier to find and view movies from the much larger and less organized Putlocker, which caters to a vast assortment of content other than simply visual media.

If you’re considering watching free movies and TV shows, you’re probably wondering if it’s safe to do so. While you probably already have some idea that the website isn’t entirely legit, you should also know how much it is and isn’t, and what repercussions you are likely to face if you watch free movies on the site.

What is WatchFree.To

WatchFree.To is a free movie site, with no other function than to link to online movies. The site primarily links to movies on and from Putlocker, and is a Putlocker based website.

Is WatchFree.To Legit?

WatchFree.To hosts thousands of free movies and TV shows, with new releases and cam rips, as well as TV shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Dancing with the Stars, and the Walking Dead. None of these films or TV shows are licensed.

Because WatchFree.To does not upload video themselves, they may not be technically pirating online, even when linking to copyrighted films and media. This makes the site more legit than one hosting movies and TV shows on its own servers, but most of what you can watch is still infringing copyright.

However, this is a common tactic used by media streaming sites to get around copyright infringement laws. By not hosting content, they remove themselves from liability, and make it more difficult for government bodies to remove them from streaming or to ban the site.

Is WatchFree.To Safe to Use?

WatchFree.To links out to movies and media hosted on third-party sites. This means that you may link out to sites with popup ads, many of which can be harmful and may include pornography or malware. Clicking “download” or accepting a download on any site linked to could result in your computer being infected with malware.

It also uses popup ads, which also link to malware and some problematic software.

In most cases, you can likely stream online without facing legal repercussions. However, this could change as existing laws change – leading to more severe repercussions for streaming and individual piracy, and perhaps, broader definitions for what piracy is.

Chances are that if you’re using WatchFree.To, you know that most of what you watch is not legitimate. If not, you should know. This makes you liable in a court of law, because if you know that something you are streaming is pirated or infringing on copyright, then you are deliberately infringing copyright by watching it. So, if you are prosecuted, you will likely lose any case you have.

While sites like WatchFree.To make it easy to stream as many movies and TV shows as you want without paying, they are typically, highly illegal. Your best option is to avoid them and choose either a legitimate free movie streaming site, or choose a premium solution like Amazon Prime, which offers thousands of movies and TV shows for as little as $10 per month.