Top Five Best VPS Hosting Websites for Professionals in 2013

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Top Five Best VPS Hosting Websites for Professionals in 2013

Top Five Best VPS Hosting Websites for Professionals in 2013  

Deciding on VPS hosting for your website is possibly one of the most important decisions you can make. A virtual private server is the best way to host large websites and e-commerce stores but if you choose the wrong option, you could end up with poor service, or a slow server. Hosting with popular sites such as GoDaddy is great for small sites, but as a big professional website, you need something that offers speed, flexibility, and ease of use.  Here are a few of the best VPS hosts that you can choose from for a professional website.

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Dream Host  

Dream Host is a popular choice for both standard and VPS hosting. The website offers cloud and server hosting and domains come free with a purchase of hosting. VPS hosting plans run from $15 to $200 per month with 300 to 4,000 mb of RAM included in the package deal. Dream host offers one click install, a custom control panel, and e-commerce options.

Host Gator 

Host Gator is well known as one of the cheapest web hosts on the planet, but they also offer VPS options. The advantage of Host Gator includes that they are affordable, that they offer fully managed options, a range of choices, and even allow beginners to register a domain. Host Gators VPS starts at $19.95 per month for 10GB of space and $209.90 per year for 231 GB of space.


My Host is one of the best VPS hosts on the web but also offer website basics such as cloud servers, email hosting, domain registration, and more. Out of all of the available options, MyHost is one of the best for e-commerce beginners who would like to set up a site and then grow on the same server. Domain names run from $3.95 to upwards of $15 and hosting can include basic hosting starting at just $4.95 per month to advanced VPS starting at $15.95 per month with more advanced plans costing more money.


Linode is actually a Linux based cloud server host offering VPS for websites of various sizes. They offer everything including kernel and root access so that you can customize and modify however you like. Plans start at $19.95 a month for 512 mb of RAM and 24GB of storage and go up to $319.50 per month with 8 GB of RAM and 384 GB of storage. While these plans might sound a little expensive at first, they do offer a great deal of storage and power, meaning that almost any size of website can run using Linode.


KnownHost is actually the VPS used by the High Tech Society so you can see it in action when reading this page. KnownHost starts at $25 per month and offers both dedicated servers as well as managed VPS. They also include Cpanel integration for easier use of the website. The servers are U.S. based and located in Texas so U.S. users get premium speed options. The site is also great for anyone who wants to manage multiple VPS sites as many of their customers own 8 or more sites. As customers, we can personally say that they offer excellent customer service, great management options, and extremely flexible subscription options. The server prices go up in small increments so that you can upgrade as you need it rather than purchasing more space or RAM then you need right away.

There are many VPS hosting websites that you can choose from and some of them may or may not be right for you. Make sure you check out your options and decide what benefits your website before you settle on a specific VPS. The High Tech Society uses Known Host but others prefer MyHost, Linode, Host Gator, Dream Host, or any of a range of other servers available. These top five VPS hosting websites show excellent service, prices, and customer service which is why they are on this list.

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