Vodlocker Review


Vodlocker Review

One of the sites that seem to come up a lot when searching to find sites that will let you watch free movies is Vodlocker. The website has been online for several years, with the oldest known archive by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine listed as being in 2015.

Vodlocker lists the latest movies that are in theaters, and it is also possible to find independent films, TV shows, and other hard to find movies on the website.

How Does Vodlocker Work?

When you go to the Vodlocker homepage, you’ll see a listing of the latest movies that can be watched on the site. Simply click on the movie poster you are interested in, and you are shown a page where you can start playing the video. Or at least that’s what it says. Don’t get too excited until you finish this whole article.

You can also use the search function to find any movies and TV series that are not listed on the front page.

How Safe Is Vodlocker?

There are many sites online that promise or trick you into thinking that you can watch movies and download music for free. These sites often force you to click on suspect links that result in malware and spyware being installed into your browser and computer. That’s why it’s important to see if Vodlocker is a safe site according to the top web antivirus tools. Using ScamAdviser, AVG and Trend Micro’s website safety checker, it was found that Vodlocker was free of these malicious attempts. So far, so good.

Vodlocker Content

While the homepage seems safe according to the web antivirus tools, that doesn’t mean that you won’t come across any problems with Vodlocker. Vodlocker is known for allowing you to stream movies that have just come out in the movie theaters. The quality of this type of recording is compromised as these videos have been recorded on a camcorder. The viewing experience can sometimes be poor, and the sound quality can be bad as well.

Worse than that, this is a sure sign that the site is illegitimate. Any time that you see a new site like Vodlocker and are not sure if the content is legal, if you see that the site has movies that are currently in the theater then you know that it’s a pirate site. Watching these movies, whether streamed or downloaded, is illegal in most first world countries.

If that’s not enough of a detterent, just wait because it gets worse.

Another problem is that the movies are being streamed from third-party servers that are offshore. All of these 3rd part servers that we checked will attempt to have you download malware. Although Vodlocker itself seems to be safe, once you click on a link that takes you to a 3rd party, you begin to be bombarded with misleading pages and pop-ups.

Whether Vodlocker is a part of this and profits from it, is unknown.

Vodlocker Download

A Few Security Risks to Consider

One thing to be aware of is the fact that Vodlocker monetizes their website with ads. That’s how the owner of the site is able to keep Vodlocker running. As a result, you’ll often experience pop-ups and ads while browsing the site or playing the videos. While many of these pop-ups and ads are harmless, there are a few malicious advertisers that try to trick you into installing malware and spyware into your browser or computer.

A decent solution to overcoming this issue is to use an ad blocker. There are many ad blockers that can be installed on your browsers. These ad blockers will prevent pop-ups and Javascript based ads from loading in the first place. If you want a better browsing experience, you may want to use two different ad blockers to ensure nothing gets through.

If you browse Vodlocker for a while, you may have noticed that you are given the option to download the movie. It seems like this would be a great option for those that do not want to wait for the movie stream to load. However, this option leads to an advertisement for a movie club that allows you to watch and download movies. While there is a free trial, it is ultimately a premium service. Obviously, it doesn’t make sense to subscribe to such a service from a pirate site when you could pay the same money and stream totally legit content.

One last possible risk to address is the fact that the website is not secure. If you are asked to register personal information in any or manner, do not comply with the request. Unlike many reputable sites, Vodlocker is not obligated to protect your personal information and has no reason to ask for it. This alone is a good reason not to trust this site.


Overall, many Internet users use Vodlocker to stream TV shows and movies for free. That does require these users to compromise and deal with ads, a poor viewing experience, and possible security issues. On top of this, they take on legal liabilities.

It seems like this site is preying on people that are too cheap to pay for a streaming service, and too inexperienced to use Torrents or something more secure yet complicated. Our advice is to stay away from Vodlocker.