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Vintla Wine Aerator Reviewed


Vintla Wine Aerator Reviewed

If you’re a wine drinker, you’ve probably heard of a wine aerator. If like me, however, you drink it rarely, you may not know exactly what that is. A wine aerator is just a little gadget that basically makes your wine taste a whole lot better by quickening the breathing process. You pour the wine through the device and it should, if it works, remove any bitter flavor from the wine and leave it instead with the wine’s true flavor, a mellower one. Now that you sort of know what a wine aerator does, you can see how the Vintla Wine Aerator works, as we reviewed it.

Again, I am not a big wine drinker, only a few glasses a year in fact. I did though want to try out an aerator after purchasing one for a relative recently. They went on and on about how much better the wine was when using it, so I figured I should just find out for myself and order one, which I did.

pouring the wine to test vintla

We got the Vintla brand, and it came with a little opener that cuts the foil wrap from the top of the bottle. There’s not a guide or instructions with it really, other than what’s printed on the box itself, which is okay since it’s pretty easy to figure out.  Just put it on top of the glass, set the setting dial and pour.

vintla setting 1 wine test

Starting with the number 1 and going through the number 6, the device should be tried on the lowest level first. We tried on the setting of 1 with a very cheap and bitter red wine, had to test it out and thought we’d really put it through a test with this swill. A 1 setting gave little to no change. It was terrible.

vintla setting 6 wine

We worked our way quickly to 6, after many pinched lips and funny faces, and then we smiled. Ah, number 6. Always go to number 6 from now on. In fact, this wine was so vinegary tasting that we put it through the Vintla aerator twice on the highest setting, and then, yum!

Next try, a very cheap white wine. We again went through the dial, and as the last bottle the 6 was the magic number. What about a better bottle of wine? We tried it on our favorite, an Oregon natural wine made from blackberries. It’s a bit strong and I normally will add Sprite to help me swallow it, yes, I am a lightweight.

Putting it through, skipping right to 6, and the results: Simply put: WOW. I didn’t think our favorite could get better, but now it was. It was really a bit more like drinking a bubbly juice than a wine. No more Sprite needed. Watch out though, without the yucky alcohol taste it’s possible to drink much more and get a lot more tipsy.

vintla review wine

Final opinion: It’s definitely worth it, even for the occasional wine drinker. Definitely not just for red wine drinkers either. It smooths out red or white in a great way. It has a nice little carrier case, and a stand. It’s also dishwasher safe, but I found that a quick rinse is fine. The little free bottle opener thingy that came with it also worked great. It sliced open the foil easily. My only minor downside, no instructions. It would be a little nice to see something about the technical side, but I am a techie so maybe that’s just me.

Definitely give this one 5 stars for working as it says it would and I recommend it as a purchase. Do you have a wine aerator? Let me know how yours does!