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What is Viewster? Is It Safe? Is it Legit?

Viewster is one of the largest online streaming sites with a library of more than 12,000 titles including anime, TV shows, movies, documentaries, comedy, and much more. If you’re looking for an online streaming site, Viewster is likely one of the top results for searches and one of your best options. But, if you’re familiar with the rash of free streaming sites using pirated content, you’re probably wondering if Viewster is safe and legit.

What is Viewster?

Viewster is a free streaming website offering access to primarily anime and cartoon or game related content through browser, web apps, and applications. The site is completely free, does not require registration for use, and offers a variety of original content including documentaries, pop culture boxes, and more.

Is Viewster Legit

Unlike the majority of competing free streaming sites, Viewster is completely legit. The site licenses more than 12,000 titles, paying for licenses with ad revenue from streaming. While Viewster’s site format and even the ability to view media without registering for an account are highly reminiscent of illegal streaming sites, Viewster is completely legit.

That means you can stream all of the content on Viewster’s site completely free, without pirating anything.

A Review of Viewster

Viewster is free and completely legit, but how is the quality? Is it worthwhile to use Viewster over alternatives like Snagfilms or premium options like Netfix and Amazon Prime?

Quality – While free, Viewster’s video quality tends to suffer dramatically, and not always because of Internet connection. Most are uploaded in relatively low quality, cannot be viewed on a big-screen Tv, and many don’t actually perform well in full screen mode on the average laptop.

Interface – Viewster makes browsing fairly easy with an easy search and filter tool, allowing you to view video details and movie synopsis in an Amazon-like reel. The best feature is filtering, which allows you to sort by language, genre, and rating. You can also use several player options with volume control, full-screen mode, and share to several social media channels from the player. You can also view actor’s biogrpahies, your watch history, and add movies to a “Watch later” queue, similarly to on Netflix.

Ads – Viewster is ad-supported so you should expect to see a significant number of ads throughout viewing. Most ads are about one-minute each and will occasionally interrupt your viewing experience.

App – Viewster’s app is almost identical to the browser version of the site, allowing you to simply switch back and forth without having to adjust to new controls.

Overall, Viewster has a lot to offer in terms of free content, but with video quality significantly below that of many competitors, likely isn’t your top option. However, with a wide-variety of free anime and cartoon-based content available for free, Viewster definitely has an audience and is one of your only good solutions if you’re looking for content in that niche.

If you’re using Viewster, make sure your connected to broadband or have a good WiFi signal so that you don’t reduce the video quality even further. Overall, the streaming service is very good and well worth checking out, so you shouldn’t let a few minor hangups stop you from trying it out.