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What is VidNow? Is It Safe? Is It Legit? 


If you’re looking for free movie streaming online, VidNow will show up in a lot of searches. Unfortunately, with new court rulings making viewers liable for piracy when streaming, it’s more important than ever that you double check your movie sources and ensure you’re streaming from a legal website.

While there are dozens of free and legal movie streaming sites, VidNow is unfortunately not one of them. The channel previously offered a video service similar to TubiTV which operates by bringing movies together from across the web. However, VidNow has since fallen into different hands and is now closely associated with 123 Movies, a piracy site.

What Is VidNow?

VidNow now offers a wide variety of films and TV ranging from legal classic films and those in community commons as well as new releases and cam rips which are pirated. This means that some films on the site are legit and legal to watch and others are not.

VidNow also doesn’t upload any of its own content, instead choosing to link to films from across the web. Sites vary quite a bit, which means that watching a film is a bit Russian Roulette for quality, safety, and even whether the film is available on the link.

VidNow Interface

While VidNow was previously a large English website, most of the content is no longer in English. You can still sort through titles, but most posts now include multiple languages and general attempts to get Google to pull up movies for users in any language they choose to search with.

VidNow mostly links out to sites like 4KTVNow and similar, all of which are generally more blatantly pirate sites. Because VidNow links out rather than hosting content locally, it’s difficult to say rate streaming quality and safety – so if you choose to use the site, make sure you have a good firewall and a working antivirus installed on your computer as some links may be malicious.

Should You Choose to Use It?

VidNow offers illegal content which someone pirated and uploaded. While it’s not technically illegal to stream content that others have uploaded (you aren’t pirating it), laws are changing. Several court rulings in the UK and the EU have determined that streaming is piracy, especially when streaming downloads temporary packages. That’s important for you because it means you could be liable for copyright infringement.

In addition, there are plenty of better and higher quality sites offering the same content as VidNow, without the pirated movies. For example, Tubi TV offers the same range of free and premium content while PlutoTV offers the same streaming channels from broadcasters like CBS and NBC, only Pluto licenses their usage.

Overall, you are much better off seeking out and using a legitimate site or at the least, a higher quality pirate site to protect your safety. There are plenty of free and legitimate websites where you can find free movies to stream without putting yourself at risk and most premium streaming services cost as little as $10 month.