Another Great Giveaway – Video Magic 6 Can be Yours!

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Another Great Giveaway – Video Magic 6 Can be Yours!

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Another Great Giveaway From BlazeVideo and TheHighTechSociety!

Remember that we told you this month, the month of our 1 year anniversary, was going to be one full of fun and surprises? It has been a fun month indeed, and when we said surprises, we meant for you, but even we were nicely surprised by a few great things that we have been offered.

UPDATE: This Raffle has ended, a new Raffle will begin on Monday August 5th and we again are giving away 10 of these great programs thanks to BlazeVideo!

This special surprise we have today though, is not just for us, it’s for you! We are excited to tell you that Blaze Video is celebrating our anniversary with us, and for our readers they are giving you 10 now and 10 later of their Video Magic 6 DVD video conversion software! Each program is worth $49.95, so this is very generous of them! I hope that you will thank them for this gift and tell others about their awesome software, because it really was nice of them to do. They received nothing in return for this offer, so we really do thank them for their kind gift to our site’s readers and fans.

What is Video Magic 6?

To learn more about Video Magic 6 software, you can read our review and you can also visit their site. We are giving away 10 of the programs this week, starting now, and we will give the remaining amount away next month. With that many to win, your chances are really good that you will be the winner of this great software that allows you to edit video or DVD files, download videos from online, make custom ringtones for your iPhone, and convert DVD videos into a version that you can use on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or other media player devices. Video Magic 6 is available for Mac and Windows 8/7/XP/Vista, so please tell us which OS you have when you win.

Enter to Win, Now!

Now it’s time for you to quit reading this and go enter the Raffle! Don’t forget to also enter the main Raffle for our 1 year anniversary, or to take one of our fun quizzes, which also come with a prize. The Harry Potter quiz ends today and the Doctor Who quiz begins Monday, so you have a lot to enter and a lot of chances to win something as our anniversary celebration begins to wind down. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to for any other announcements and updates. Good luck!

Please thank our friends at Blaze Video for this great gift by visiting their social sites below!


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