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Veoh Review


Veoh is one of hundreds of free movie streaming websites with an app, and it promises to be one of the best. With a big focus on legit content and distribution from channels like ESPN, CBS, MTV, US Weekly, and ABC and US Weekly – as well as user uploaded content, Veoh is unique.

However, there’s a lot you should know about the service, including that it’s no longer U.S. owned and doesn’t typically license content streamed from channels like ESPN (which is available for free).

What is Veoh?

Veoh was founded in April of 2006 as a free TV channel, offering a wide variety of content, but primarily live television, similar to what TubiTV and PlutoTV are today. With a userbase of 17 million monthly users, Veoh was extremely popular, until they ran into legal trouble over streaming content available for free from channels and Universal Movie Group filed a lawsuit against them.

Veoh declared bankruptcy in 2010 and was purchased by Israeli company QLipso, who launched an Android app and continued to add to the service.

What’s Available on Veoh

Veoh offers movies, free TV shows, and user upload content as well as access to free network broadcasts. Most of the content is old films (70 years or older) but you can also find TV and unique user-created content. Veoh’s strongest offering is now animated series and movies, most of which are Japanese.

User Interface

Veoh has an extremely good search engine allowing you to sort by genre, popularity, date, length, language, subtitles, length, and other factors. Unfortunately, the rest of the site isn’t as good and it really hasn’t been updated since 2010. The site still runs on flash and Peer 2 Peer, with videos of average to low quality with most ranging between 144p and 720p (usually lower).

Unfortunately, the site does suffer from buffering and lag issues, and some videos won’t play at all over the app. If you don’t mind waiting a few minutes to play a video or getting frequent error messages, you won’t mind the app but for me it was annoying and I have very good Internet.

Are There Ads?

Yes. But not that many, especially compared to similar sites.

Final Verdict

Veoh hasn’t really been updated in more than 5 years and that’s blatantly obvious when you visit the website. Most of the content is now user submitted and while you can check streams from CBS and other broadcast networks, you can find better solutions like Pluto TV for the same service free, although you will get fewer ads from Veoh.

Overall, the website doesn’t have anything wrong with it, but it also doesn’t have too much to offer. For example, you can use Pluto TV to get more channels and more content without wrestling with user uploaded content.

Veoh used to be something great, but the site has fallen on hard times, and you can almost certainly find better elsewhere. However, you can check it out and decide for yourself, because the site and app are legit and safe to use.